Quick Start Guide for Referral-Program Individual Subscriber Teachers



This article is for teachers who have purchased individual subscriptions from a referral link.

If your campus is providing teacher accounts with admin support, please see Quick Start Guide for Teachers


Table of Contents

Set Up Your Account
Create Classes
Content / Assessment Options
Clickers and WebClickers
Bubble Sheet Grading

The Student Portal
Reports and Exports


Here's a quick orientation video.

See ways to save time, engage students with no prep, and use data to intervene fast:

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Basic Setup
Set up your individual account from a referral:
  1. Click the referral link provided by the person who referred you.
  2. Choose your payment plan and provide payment information.
  3. Once completed, you can setup your account.
    • Choose your State/District/Campus. (Contact support if you have trouble!)
    • Fill in the fields for email, password, screen name, etc.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions. 
    • Click submit when finished.
  4. You should then receive a "validate your account" email. Follow the steps and you're done! (If you don't receive the email, check your spam and junk folders, then contact support.)
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Create Classes
Sync to Google Classroom
If your school uses Google Classroom, we can sync your rosters automatically each time you log into ALL In Learning. Click the "Sync with Google Classroom" button in your Classes tab and follow the onscreen steps. You can also see the steps in this article
Create Classes Manually
If you can't use Google Classroom to sync rosters, it's simple to create classes and add students manually.
  1. Select the Classes tab and click Add New Class.
  2. Type the name of your class.
  3. Select your Grade and Subject.
  4. Click “Save.”

 Note: If you teach the same group of students for multiple subjects, you do not need separate rosters. You can use the same roster for all subjects/periods. 


How to Add Students to a Class Manually
If you can't use Google Classroom to sync rosters, it's simple to create classes and add students manually.

  1. In the Classes tab, select your class and click Student Roster.
  2. In the last line of your roster (which should be empty), click the last name field.
  3. Begin typing a student’s last name. If anyone else at your school has already added the student, you should see their info auto-complete as you type. If they show up in the auto-complete results, select them. If they don't show up in the auto-complete results, you can add them by typing in all their information. 
  4. Press Enter or click the “Save” button (to the right) to save the new student's info.
  5. Repeat this process until you're finished adding students.

Note 1: Clicking on an existing student's name or ID fields and editing them directly will change that student's information campus-wide. Other teachers' rosters will be updated with the change. 

Note 2: If you try to add or edit student names manually but there is no "save" button to save your changes, see your admin. They may have disabled teachers' ability to add/edit student roster.


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Content / Assessment Options

In the Lessons / Assessments tab, you have several options. 

Low-Prep, Ready-to-Go Options 

  • On-the-Fly Questions - Click Launch Clickers to use clickers or WebClickers with spoken questions, handouts, any materials you already have, writing on the board, displayed websites or files, etc. No prep.  
  • "Curricula" Tab - Quickly search by standard to see the following ready-to-use content for that standard. 
  • Exit Tickets - Short daily-style assessments on a standard. For clickers, WebClickers, or Student Portal. Instant "did they get it today" data and "help them get it" practice. 
  • Fun Activities - Jeopardy-like class participation games on standards. For clickers or WebClickers. Ideal for reviewing!
  • Instructional Modules - FORMATIVE-RICH lessons with questions to aid in teaching. For clickers or WebClickers. Can be standalone assignments or review in the Student Portal
  • Passage of the Day - Automatic daily reading passages with questions. For the Student Portal. No prep. 

Create Your Own Assessments

  • Create a Key for Materials You Already Have - Click Create New > Assessment Key. Quickly create a key for use with materials you already have, like hard copies. Test with bubble sheets or "electronic bubble entry" in the Student Portal
  • Itembank Questions - Banks of questions you can make assessments from. Display for clickers or WebClickers, assign to Student Portal, or print for bubble sheet testing.  
  • Student Work (Rubrics) - Click Create New > Student Work (Rubric). Make an essay, project, or performance assessment and create a rubric, which you can easily reuse. You can even have "mixed assessments with rubric-graded questions alongside other question types. Student work can be submitted in person, written, or electronically in the Student Portal.  You can also have students turn in work and grade manually or along with bubble sheets
  • Create Custom Lessons and Assessments - Click Create New > Custom Lesson / Assessment. A PowerPoint-like interface lets you build a lesson or assessment from scratch. For any of our grading and engagement features. 

Import from Other Formats

  • Import Word Docs - Click Create New > Import Word. Follow simple formatting guidelines and import your doc to make it work with any of our grading or engagement features. 
  • Import PDF Files - Click Create New > Assessment Key With PDF. Create a key and upload your PDF. Students see an area to answer questions while scrolling the PDF. For the Student Portal.
  • Import PowerPoint Files - Click Create New > Import PowerPoint. Import a PPTX file, then convert slides to questions, and include standards. Works with all grading and engagement features.  


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Grading / Engagement Options

Clickers and WebClickers

Clickers (available optionally) can be used with no prep in parallel with almost any materials you have. They engage students like nothing else, without embarrassment or distractions. When students know clicker questions are coming, it becomes more fun to pay attention and answer correctly.

If you don't have clickers, our WebClicker feature lets you use smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, and computers as a clickers through the Student Portal! 

See the how-to article on clickers. 

See the how-to article on WebClickers.


Bubble Sheet Grading
ALL In Learning makes bubble sheet grading instant. You can use a doc cam plugged into your computer but the most popular choice is our free ASSIST app with your Apple or Android phone or tablets. 
Student Portal
You can use student devices, like smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and computers, live engagement, homework, assessments, and remediation.  
Reports and Exports 
Our instant reports help you help struggling students. Our grade book exports help you save time!
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