WebClicker: Instant Student Responses Using Student Devices with Zoom and Teams Integration

Zoom and Microsoft Teams Compatible
It's simple for students to join a Zoom or Teams session
with their WebClicker ready to participate!
WebClicker enables students to use computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones just like a clicker whether they're in the classroom or remote.

(Students will need access to the student portal. See this article to get them set up.)
Teacher Steps for Zoom or Teams Sessions: 

1. Click "Launch Clickers" on your Home tab.


2. Name the Session and copy/paste in the Zoom or Teams session link.

3.  Click the name of the class to launch! 
Students logged into the student portal will see a new activity at the top of their assessment list that says "Launch Clicker." They need to click it! (If it doesn't appear, have them refresh.) Then they'll need to click "Join Zoom Session" or "Join Teams Session" to get into the side-by-side view, ready to participate.

4. Run your Teams or Zoom Session

You'll see the floating clicker bar, which you can move and position wherever convenient.

You can control your display in Zoom or Teams how you normally do. Use any content you like on your shared screen or camera view! You can type questions in a document, show them from a website, write them on a white board, or just speak them. It's spontaneous and flexible!

5. Click Start Question
When you've got a question displayed or you verbally pose the question, click Start Question. You'll see a bar showing which students have answered.

You can require participation!
6. Click End Question.
A response chart will pop up, which is great for class discussion and feedback. 

7. Select a correct answer on the chart after each question in order for it to be scored! 
This is how the key is built for reports as you do an On the Fly session! 


8. When the session is finished, click "End Session." 
Student Steps for Zoom or Teams Sessions: 
Easy enough for elementary students to get the hang of it!

1. Go students.allinlearning.com and log in.
See this article if you need student login instructions.>>

2. When you see the "Launch Clicker" button at the top of your assessments list, click it! 

3. Click the Join Zoom (or Teams) Session button. 

        If your teacher is using Google Meet, you'll need to click the link that looks like this,
        and get into the Google Meet session:  
Now, you should see your WebClicker window on the left and your teacher's screen or camera on the right. 


4. When the teacher starts a question, you'll see the A,B,C,D,E buttons. Click on your answer! You can change your mind and click a different answer until the teacher ends the question! (Note that the teacher can see when you click an answer.) 

You can also use WebClickers with pre-authored assessments in these two ways:

1. In the Lessons / Assessments tab, go to Lessons > choose assessment > Activate > Use ALL In Response> WebClickers.


2. In some of our content options' tabs (Exit Tickets, Challenge Boards), you can click Activate > Use ALL In Response> WebClickers.

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