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What is Engage & Learn?

ALL In Learning's Engage & Learn student app can turn iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, PCs, and other smart devices into convenient, paperless, interactive instructional and assessment devices that give immediate feedback to teachers and students, whether every student has a device or students are taking turns on a few devices.

Engage & Learn can display instructional slides with occasional questions imported from PowerPoint or Examview, or even be used like an on-screen bubble sheet with a quickly-entered answer key and a printed test you already have. You can use multiple choice questions or short answer questions (short answer questions will need to be an exact case-match to be counted correct).

Getting started using Engage & Learn

  1. Teacher makes sure student devices are set up. Students using an Apple iOS iPad will need to install the "ALL In Learning Engage & Learn" from the App Store. Students using laptops, PCs, tablets, ChromeBooks, an iPhone, or other non-Apple smart devices will just use their device's web browser.
  2. Teacher prints Student QR Code Sheets. In the Classes tab of your ALL In Learning account, select your students, click "Print," and choose "Engage & Learn QR Codes." Give these sheets to your students. They can use the same sheet all year. 
  3. Teacher activates the Lesson. In the Lessons/Assessments tab of your ALL In Learning account, find your lesson and click Activate>"Use with Engage & Learn," and choose your class. (If you haven't yet created a lesson, see this article for a lesson with on-screen questions or this article for a quick key to go with a printed test you already have.)
  4. Teacher chooses activation options. Next, you'll be prompted to choose what options you'd like to use, like whether you want the questions downloaded to the device or will use a hard copy test, if you want them to see their results or not, if you want them to see which questions they missed, if you want them to see what the correct answer was, etc.
  5. Students launch Engage & Learn. Students with iPads can open the Engage & Learn app and will be prompted to scan their QR code. Students with other devices will open a browser and go to students.aillinlearning.com, where they'll be prompted to scan their QR code (if they are on a Windows or Mac computer with a camera) or enter their Engage & Learn ID from their QR Code Sheet (see step 2 above) and create a passcode. (Teachers can reset forgotten Student Passcodes in their Classes tab by selecting the student and clicking "Reset Passcode.")
  6. Students pick their test and engage. Next, they'll be presented with a list of the lessons that are active for them. They tap the one they are supposed to use, and are off and running. When they are finished, on teh final screen, they'll click "Score."
  7. Teacher monitors progress. You will be able to see the results in real time as students finish their activities. If you leave the page, you can get back to it by following step 3 (above) again. If it's a learning activity, you could leave it open indefinitely, and the students can go back in and engage it repeatedly. You will not see any reports until you get into the grading screen (whether you stay in it after activating or if you pause it and come back to it) and see all the students' names turn green.
  8. Teacher clicks End Session. Once all student scores are green and you've done any rubric grading or checked on their constructed responses, click "End Session" to close out the activity and see the detailed reports show up in the Reports tab!
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