Web Clicker: Student Response with Chromebooks, Tablets, and Other Devices.

Web Clicker lets your students use computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones just like a clicker for student engagement, instant feedback, checking for understanding throughout a lesson, and daily data. 

You can use this feature in a mixed situation, where some students have real clickers while others have Chromebooks, or they can all be using "devices." 
You can also use WebClicker in the with live video or audio streaming for instant remote feedback. 
Web Clicker is currently used in "On the Fly" mode. "On the Fly" is the most popular and powerful engagement activity because it is zero-prep and used without creating any questions or content beforehand. Most teachers use it to engage kids with spontaneous questions throughout the class and check for understanding. For more information on "ALL In Response On the Fly, see this article and video.  

Launching Web-Clickers "On the Fly" 

Teacher Steps:
(Before you launch a web-clicker activity, students will need their QR-Code Sheet printed from your Classes tab.)

1.  On your Home tab, click "Use ALL In Response 'On the Fly.'"
2.  If you don't have a hardware receiver connected, you'll see a prompt. Click "Use with only web clickers."


3.  The floating clicker bar is now ready. Anytime you want, you can click "Start Question."

4. You can now ask an impromptu verbal question, just as might as for a show of hands, except you'll get participation and instant data on every single student. Since this clicker bar is small and floats, you can also display any kind of content on your screen and ask questions about it. 

Student Steps:

Though they look long, written in detail, these steps are easy enough for most elementary students to quickly pick up!

1. On your device, follow the steps on the QR-Code sheet the teacher has provided you. (In a browser, go to students.allinlearning.com, and log in as directed on the sheet.) 

2. Once logged in, you'll see a "Launch Clicker" button when there's an active clicker session. Click it!
3. Respond to the active question and participate via the teacher's instructions! 
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