Quickly Create an Assessment Key


The Assessment Key lets you quickly create a key of multiple choice, short answer, or rubric questions and attach standards. This is ideal when you already have written test materials from another source and just need to get your key into ALL In Learning for easy grading and immediate reporting.


How to Quickly Create a Key
  1. Go to the Lessons / Assessments tab and click "My Assessments."

  2. Click “Create New.”
  3. Click the Key icon. This brings up the Create New window.

  4. Fill in the sections denoted with asterisks. These descriptors will be important in your assessment being searchable.

  5. Click Next. This opens the Assessment Key Builder.

  6. In the blue section at the top of the screen, choose the question type for your first question. If you choose Multiple Choice, you'll also need to select the number of answers on the next line.
  7. Enter the correct answer then continue with question two. Repeat this process until the full Assessment Key is created.


About question types:
ALL In Learning bubble sheets only go up to 5 choices per question, so only A/B, T/F, and up to Multiple-Choice-5 question types can be scanned with bubble sheets. Placeholders will cause a question to be skipped entirely. MC6-12 and Short Answer questions can be answered on paper and manually graded by teachers in the ASSIST app or in their account based on students' written responses or can be answered on-screen by students using Engage & Learn. Rubrics are meant only to be graded manually by teachers in ASSIST or in their account, in response to their written or oral responses. Please see our article on how to set up all these types of questions and more!

  1. To set up a standard to be attached when you enter your question, click “Insert Selected Standards.” Click the links to drill down to the standard(s) you want to align to your first question and click in the checkboxes next to them. Click "Insert Selected Standards" again to attach the standards to the question.

  2. To proceed to build your key, repeat steps 6-7 above. Settings from the last question stay selected, so you only need to adjust question types or standards if they change.

  3. You can edit the correct answers in your answer key on the right by clicking them. You can change the attached standards by selecting different standards at the bottom, and clicking "Insert Selected Standards" on the right.

  4. Click “Save Assessment" when you are done. (For instructions on how to grade, look to the section called “Grading in the Cloud Overview.”)

    Bonus Tip: Once you save your key, you can attach PDF, Doc, Word, or other digital copies of the written test materials for easy access under Lessons/Assessments>Actions>Attachments.
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