Team Training/Professional Development (PD) Video Courses


This free "ALL In Learning 101" video PD series is designed for school leaders to easily facilitate team trainings or refreshers.

It's broken into topics so that you can use what you need and it comes with worksheets featuring questions and optional hands-on exercises to complete after each video. 

Download the worksheets here: PDF


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Opting for the hands-on exercises?  

Want your team to do the hands-on worksheet exercises? Some of the steps will require that some basic campus setup has been completed by an admin. Review the worksheets and see this admin quick start guide to make sure you're ready. Also, if you plan to skip some modules or change the order, some exercise steps are contingent on previous exercise steps. Feel free to modify to content for your team!


ALL In Learning 101 Training Videos 

Video Module 101.1 - Introduction (Runtime: 6:00)
Covers the role ALL In Learning plays in engaging students, closing gaps daily, and saving time. Orientation of software layout and basic concepts to get started.


Video Module 101.2 - Easy Engagement On the Fly (Runtime: 9:07)

Covers the easiest ways to engage every student daily using Clickers and student devices, so you can identify struggling students instantly while saving time. 


Video Module 101.3 - Create & Share Assessments (Runtime: 12:03)

Covers the most popular ways to create and share assessments in ALL In Learning and how to use ready-made content.



Video Module 101.4 - The Student Portal (Runtime: 11:35)

Covers the easiest ways to utilize student devices for assessment and engagement and how to make up-to-the-minute progress data available to students and families. 


Video Module 101.3 - Instant Grading (Runtime: 4:08)

Covers instant grading with the popular ALL In Learning ASSIST app for mobile devices.

Video Module 101.6 - Teacher Reports (Runtime: 16:16)

Covers quickly exporting to grade books, identifying struggling students, drilling down to efficiently remediate, and more. 


Want more? 
What other team training videos would you like to see in an "ALL In Learning 102 Advanced" course? 

Here are some of the requests we've received:

  • More assessment creation options
  • PLC Best Practices
  • Remote Learning with Full Engagement
  • The Student Portal Remediation Feature
  • Adding Custom Content to the Curricula Tab for your Team
  • Texas Accountability Reports

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