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The ASSIST app for iPad, iPhone, and Android puts instant grading and intervention right in the palm of your hand and allows you to view On the Fly clicker and Webclicker responses in real-time without their individual answers being known to the whole class. 



This article will help you:

Install and Log Into ASSIST

To Install ASSIST:

  • On your iPad or iPhone, open the App Store, search for “ALL In Learning ASSIST” and install it. 

  • On your Android device, go to the Google Play Store, search for “ALL In Learning ASSIST” and install it. 

Connect ASSIST to the ALL In Cloud

  1. On your device, open ASSIST.
  2. You will see the "Settings” screen. Enter the email address and password on your account.
  3. Tap “Done.” You should see a prompt that says "You are connected to the ALL In Learning Cloud." If you have trouble with your username and password, we recommend using your computer to confirm you can access your account and reset your password if needed.  



Scanning Bubble Sheets and Other Grading

Print Bubble Sheets

If you haven't yet printed bubble sheets for your assessment, this article will show you how. 


Scanning Bubble Sheets and Grading

1. On ASSIST's main screen, tap "Grade an Assessment."


2. Choose the assessment. If you have a paused session (where you've started grading but ended it without finishing), it's highlighted in blue. You can pick up right where you left off. Please note, any assessment without questions will not appear on Assist.

3. Select the class.

4. To grade bubble sheets, follow these guidelines:

  • The bubble sheets should be unaltered, flat, printed in good quality on white paper, with no extra markings around the bubbles or QR code.
  • The camera view should be straight on and not too skewed.
  • The rectangle around the bubbles should be fully in frame.
  • Avoid light reflecting from pencil lead, laminations, or printer ink.
  • Bubbles should be fully and darkly filled in.
  • For more tips, see this article.     


5. To review the results of a scan (for example, to tell a student what they missed), click "Questions" at the bottom left.

6. To manually grade your students (for rubrics or short answers, for example), tap "Students" at the bottom right, select the student and make the needed adjustments.

7. Tap on End to submit the report.

8. If you see a message about "Students with Anomalies," it means that some students' answers couldn't be determined and you need to look manually.


You'll need to resolve these before the session can be ended. Tap OK on the message and select "Students." For any students highlighted red, tap on Questions to see which questions need attention. Refer to the student's bubble sheet to determine what action to take.



Reports for assessments graded on ASSIST can be found in your Reports tab in your online ALL In Learning account at


Private Data: Monitor Clickers and Web Clickers in Real Time

While Clickers and Web Clickers engage and assess students instantly, recording detailed response data in your reports, any data displayed for the class is anonymized to promote participation and eliminate the embarrassment factor.

The Private Data feature in ASSIST lets you see individual students' responses, performance, and progress on your mobile device, so you can intervene with individuals or plan immediate interventions while the session is still active. 

How to use the Private Data feature:
1. On the home screen of ASSIST, tap "Private Data."

2. If you are using "On the Fly" or Teacher Paced clicker modes, you'll be able to see which clickers have responded during clicker use and then after ending the question, immediately see the individual student responses, with students who missed the question displayed by default:
3. If you are using Student Paced or Practice Mode, you’ll see boxes for each student’s clicker number colored according to the cut score group they currently fall into as they are progressing. The bar on the left shows the distribution of students in each cut score group.
For example, in the image above, number 8 is not meeting grade level, while number 1 is approaching the grade level. Number 2 is blank because they haven’t responded.  On the left, see that 7% of the class currently does not meet grade level.

When students are finished answering all questions, their square will be marked by a green check mark.
ASSIST error message says "Plus is in maintenance mode."

When trying to download lesson or classes in the ASSIST app for iPhone or iPad, you may see a message that says:

"PLUS is in maintenance mode."

Unfortunately, this message is usually misleading. It is most often caused by specific characters in lesson names or class names.

This problem is on our list to fix, but currently, you will need to take these steps to resolve it:

  1. Log into your ALL In Learning account in a web browser, using your computer or a web-enabled device.
  2. Go to the Lessons/Assessments tab.
  3. Inspect your Lesson names for quotation marks (double quotes), tabs, extra spaces, or greater-than (>) less-than (<) signs, and if you find one that has these characters, click Actions>Properties and remove these characters from the name. (You can replace double-quotes with single-quotes if desired.) 
  4. Try downloading the lesson again in ASSIST. 
  5. If the problem persists, follow step 3 again, but this time, inspect each lesson by opening Actions>Properties - sometimes "invisible" characters like tabs are more apparent in the properties view. (This can be time-consuming, so if the problem only started recently, you may start with the lessons that were created around the time the problem started.)


If these steps do not resolve the message please contact support for more assistance.

We sincerely apologize for this issue and are committed to fixing it in a future update.


Error When Trying to Upload from ASSIST: "Upload did not succeed..."

This article pertains to this message in ASSIST for iPad or iPhone:

"Upload did not succeed. Server 
indicated request failure. Msg:
(null). responseStatusCode: 0"




This error message is communicating that the connection from your device to ALL In Learning servers timed out while trying to upload the data.



  • This message can mean that your device's connection to the internet is not good. You may open Safari and open a web page like to confirm all content loads quickly and your connection is good.

  • This message can also be a false alarm because may have kept trying to upload the data even after the error was displayed and succeeded with the upload. Often, it keeps trying and uploads the data just fine. Please log in to your ALL In Learning account and see if it's in the Reports tab.

  • If your data actually did fail to upload, try uploading again by opening ASSIST again, tapping on "Reports" in the bottom navigation bar, then clicking on the upward-pointing arrow for that report. You may see the same message again, but log in to your online account again and refresh the Reports tab to see if it was uploaded. You may make several attempts until the upload is successful.

  • Once your data is uploaded, we recommend you make sure you have the newest version of ASSIST by opening the App Store and clicking on "Updates" or searching for "ALL In Learning ASSIST." Some issues related to this error message have been improved in newer versions.
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