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There are two basic types of bubble sheets you can use:

  • “Smart” bubble sheets with each student's name on them, which automatically attribute the grade for the correct student when scanned. Recommended.

  • A “generic" bubble sheet which will trigger a pop-up window after every scan requiring you to manually select which student's bubble sheet you scanned. Only recommended if your only option is to print one sheet and then make copies on a copier.

How to Print Smart QR-Coded Bubble Sheets
  1. Go to the Classes tab and select your class on the left.
  2. Click the checkbox just above your student list to select all students.
  3. Click “Print Bubble Sheets and select the type you need. Your browser's print feature will open.

    Note 1: Page orientation. Only portrait mode is supported for printing. Landscape mode will cause layout problems and won't scan. 

    Note 2: Reuse them! Save paper and time by reusing sheets! Laminate or put them in sheet protectors, use with wet-erase markers, and then wipe them clean. Just note that coverings can be reflective, so you'll need to avoid increased overhead light reflections during scanning.

    Note 3: How many questions and answer choices? You can use a sheet type with more questions and answers than needed. For example, MC5 sheets can be used for MC4, MC3, A/B, Y/N, or T/F questions, as well. If you plan to laminate and reuse them, choose the easiest sheet to use that will still have enough questions and choices to cover most or all of your planned activities. 

    Note 4: Altering print size. We don't recommend that you shrink the print size in order to print more than one per page since it requires the printer and camera both to be higher quality for smaller detail to be readable. Any problems that arise can't be officially supported. However, if you intend to try at your own risk, note that because of a problem in the current version of Google Chrome, you'll need to use Chrome's "Print to PDF" option and then open it in Adobe Acrobat to print 2 per page. 

How to Print Generic ("Blank," Non-Student-Specific) Bubble Sheets
       mceclip1.png  mceclip3.png
  1. Click your Display Name located at the upper right of your ALL In Learning account. Or click on the "Print" icon located above your Home button.
  2. Select “Print Blank Bubble Sheets.”
  3. Choose “40 Question Sheets” or “60 Question Sheets” (the only two types of "blank" sheets available). Your browser's print feature will open. 

    See "Notes" 1-4 above for additional considerations.


If you have any trouble with bubble sheet scanning, click here.

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