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There are two basic types of bubble sheets you can use:

  • “Smart” student-specific QR-coded bubble sheets that will automatically be assigned to the right student when scanned (highly recommended).
  • A “generic" non-specific bubble sheet which will require manual student assignment during grading (only recommended if your only option is to make multiple copies on a copier of a single printout).
How to Generate Smart QR-Coded Bubble Sheets
  1. Go to the Classes tab.
  2. Select your class on the left.
  3. Click the check box just above your student list to select all students.
  4. Click “Print Bubble Sheets.”
  5. Click the type of bubble sheets you need and how many multiple choice answers it should have. This will open your browser's print feature, from which you can choose your printer and print your bubble sheets.

    Note 1: Only "Portrait" page orientation is supported for printing. The "Landscape" orientation print option will cause layout problems and will not scan.  

    Note 2: Internet Explorer has known bugs when printing bubble sheets, and Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. If you experience problems printing bubble sheets in IE, try using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

    Note 3: Use a bubble sheet with at least as many questions and answers as you will need. For example, MC5 bubble sheets can be used for MC4, MC3, A/B, Y/N, or T/F questions as well (A=True/Yes, B=False/No, etc.). More bubble sheet options are planned for future releases. Send us your requests!
How to Generate Generic (non student-specific) Bubble Sheets
  1. Click the Settings (gear) icon at the upper right of your ALL In Learning account.
  2. Click “Print Blank Bubble Sheets.”
  3. Click “40 Question Sheets” or “60 Question Sheets” (the only two types of "blank" bubble sheet available). This will open your browser's print feature, from which you can choose your printer and print your bubble sheets. 

    See "Notes" 1-3 above for additional considerations.


Need more help with bubble sheet scanning? Click here!

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