Itembank Manager for District Admins


District admins can create their own Itembanks for teachers to use in their classrooms. The Itembank Manager is a comprehensive tool that consolidates all Itembanks created by a district admin into one user-friendly interface. Within this manager, you can create new Itembanks from scratch, edit existing ones, and publish questions from Itembanks.


Create Itembank From the Itembank Manager

To view the Itembank Manager and create an assessment, click “Lessons/Assessments>Itembanks>Itembank Manager> Add New Itembank.

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The Properties menu will appear, allowing you to enter a title, select the grade and subject, write a description, and add tags. Providing a clear title, description, and relevant tags will assist teachers in locating the Itembank. Tags can be generic (such as subject and grade level) or tailored to specific teachers.

After selecting the desired properties, click Save. The Itembank (currently with zero questions) will automatically get added to the Itembank Manager. Find the Itembank via search or filtering by Grade and Subject.

Click the red title of the Itembank, then click the “Add New Question” button on the upper right.


A question editor that resembles the one in "My Assessments" will appear. It will be intuitive to anyone who has used ALL In Learning to create assessments. However, there are a few nuances to point out:

  • Choose a question type by clicking the “Change Question Type” dropdown on the left. Every ALL In Learning question type will appear; select one and start creating the question. (Click here for a description of every question type ALL In Learning offers.)Item Bank Manager 3.jpg
  • The "Label" text field on the left under Question Properties represents the title of the question as it will appear in the list within the Itembank. If you do not type in a label, the question will automatically be titled by the first five words in the question stem.
  • The Itembank’s current status (published or unpublished) is directly underneath the “Label” text field. Simply click the toggle from yes or no to publish the question. When an Itembank question is published, teachers can find it in the Itembank Portal by searching for grade, subject, or standard.
  • To add standards, scroll down a little and click the blue "Add Standards" button on the left.

Please make sure to click Save Question, above or below the text box, throughout and at the end of the process.

Create an Item Bank From My Assessments

Itembanks created in My Assessments will also appear in the Item Manager when published. You can create an Itembank as you normally would any assessment by clicking “Lessons/Assessments>My Assessments>Create New.”

Choose any assessment type under “Build” and the properties menu will pop up. The title, description and tags will help the teacher find the Itembank. The tags you choose can be generic subject and grade level tags, or they can be specific to the teacher(s) that need them.

When you are done creating the Itembank questions (making sure to click Save Question along the way), click “File>Save,” then return to your assessment list. Find the assessment and Click “Actions>Publish as Itembank” to make it populate in the Itembank Manager.

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For more information on creating a Custom/ Lesson/Assessments, click here.

Edit an Existing Itembank

Open the Item Manager and click on the red title of the Itembank you want to edit. A list of every question in the Itembank will appear. To edit a specific question, click the red title, or click “Actions>Edit.”

You can always delete a question by clicking Actions>Delete, or add a new question by clicking Add New Question on the top right. 

Please contact support if you have any questions about the Itembank Manager.



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