Lessons/Assessments Overview

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The Lessons/Assessments tab will be the starting point for most of your activities in ALL In Learning. You'll come here to create or import lessons and to activate them -- from rich instructional lessons with projected slides and clicker questions, to simple answer keys for bubble sheet scanning, or anything in between.
This article discusses the Lesson/Assessment tab and all the great tools you have with ALL In Learning. Click here if you would like more specific information on creating assessments for use with bubble sheets or clicker, and click here if you need information on sharing or distributing assessments.

Lessons/Assessments Tab Layout
In the middle of the screen in the Lessons/Assessments tab is a list of all of your lessons and assessments or those that have been shared directly with you by team members. You can use basic or advanced searching at the top of the screen to quickly find lessons you need or scroll down the page to browse through them. 

At the top you can click "Create New" to create a quick key, create a lesson with on-screen or printable questions, import a PowerPoint file, import an ExamView file, or create a test from your campus item banks.
Along the top are folders. You can click the folder with your display name to see the lessons you've created or that were directly shared with you. You can create custom folders, and move lessons into folders by selecting them and clicking the folder icon next to the trashcan. (You may also manually click and drag the assessment to the appropriate folder.)

To start an activity, click "Activate" next to a lesson and choose what feature you want to use, like clickers, bubble sheet scanning, manual grading, or the Student Portal. 

Click the "Actions" menu next to do common tasks like edit, share, delete, copy, attach files, or print.

To rename a lesson, or adjust tags and notes, click on the Properties button.
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