Google Classroom Integration with ALL in Learning


Why sync with Google Classroom™?

Conveniently Sync Google Class Rosters to ALL In Learning
If you've built classes in Google Classroom™, your class rosters (student names and emails along with Google's proprietary studentID) will sync to ALL In Learning. At this time, no demographic data is stored with Google, but it can be added manually in your ALL In Learning account. 

Assign Engage & Learn Assessments 
When a teacher activates an ALL In Learning assessment for Google Classroom™, students will see it in their class feed when they log into Google Classroom™. In that assignment, they'll have a link that will open it up directly in the Engage & Learn feature of ALL In Learning's Student Portal, ready to go. This activity feeds back into ALL In Learning's great heat map reports for teachers to give instant feedback and for PLCs to collaborate and strategize, just like any other ALL In Learning feature.

More to Come?
As Google Classroom™ offers more future functionality and features, ALL In Learning is committed to offering our teachers and admins every convenience and advantage we can!

How to Set Up and Use Google Classroom™ Integration

2 important notes before you begin: 

  1. You must already be a Google ClassroomTM user. Your ALL In Learning email must match your Google ClassroomTM email. 
  2. If your school has already added students to the campus, either through important via a CSV file or through syncing with another program, syncing Google Classroom with ALL In Learning as well may cause duplicates and conflicts. Please speak to your admin before proceeding.


If you are creating a new ALL In Learning account:

First, log into your Google Classroom™ account in your web browser.

Then, in a new browser tab, go to and complete the process outlined on the signup screens, including the Sync with Google Classroom™ button.


If you already have an ALL In Learning account:

First, log into your Google Classroom™ account in your web browser.

Then, in a new browser tab, log into ALL In Learning, go to Settings (upper right), click Manage Account, and click Sync with Google Classroom™ button. Or, go to the Classes tab and click Sync with Google Classroom™. 


If you have classes in Google Classroom, they will now sync to ALL In Learning and show up in the Classes tab!

If you have problems getting connected, try these steps:

1. If you have pop-ups blocked, you may need to look for a "pop-up blocked" alert and allow the pop-up.
2. Sometimes, if you have more than one Google account logged in, this can cause confusion. Try logging out of all your Google accounts, then log into the Google account tied to Google Classroom™, then log into ALL In Learning and try the above step again.
3. Cookies need to be enabled for Google and Google Accounts. Teachers have reported and are blocked from writing cookies and this stops the sync with ALL In Learning from completing.

Click on the broken cookies icon in the address bar and first, make sure cookies are set to "Always allow" from ALL In Learning. Then click on "Show cookies and other site data...."

This will open a manage page for your Cookies. Click on the blocked tab and for and and then click Allow. Once each has been allowed click on Done and the click to reload the page.


Assign Engage & Learn Activities!

You can activate an assessment for your class and students will see it in their Google class feed. This serves as an alternate way for students to get into an Engage & Learn activity. Instead of going to and logging in with their QR code or ID, the link from the Google account opens the activity directly. 

In Lessons/Assessments > My Lessons > Activate (for the chosen lesson) > For Google Classroom, decide on the settings, and click Activate. 

Note: You must be logged into your Google Classroom account in another tab as you do this in order for the assessment to be pushed out to your students' Google Classroom accounts correctly.  


Students who were part of the assignment will now see it in their class feed when they log into Google Classroom™. 


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