The ALL In Learning Student Portal - Overview


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What is the "Student Portal?"

The ALL In Learning Student Portal is a website, where students can access Engage & Learn activities that their teacher has assigned them (and more, soon*) with a computer, Chromebook, or any other web-enabled device, as well as reports their teacher has made visible to them.



To get there, students can open a web browser on their device and go to 

It's easy for them to login using their QR code!

If the student's mobile device or PC doesn't allow for scanning QR codes, they can enter their Engage & Learn ID. This ID is located in the same area where you print off the students' bubble sheets. Instead of choosing to print a bubble sheet, select to print "Engage & Learn QR Codes" which contains the QR code and the Engage & Learn Student ID located at the bottom.


Once they are in, they'll be able to:

  • Do assessments, remediation, and learning activities that their teachers have assigned them, just as they would with the ALL In Learning Engage & Learn app on an iOS device. 
  • Review reports on their performance their teacher has made available for them.
  • Conveniently email their teacher directly concerning any questions or additional work.


Teachers: For detailed instructions on how you can assign lessons or assessments to Engage & Learn for iOS (and at the same time for the Student Portal), please see this article.


* We've got exciting plans for the student portal! Soon, it will be expanded with features like individualized student grades, remediation activities, study guides, and the ability for parents and students to send messages to their teachers regarding the materials assigned to them in the portal.


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