Export Scores into PowerTeacher Pro



Note: This article is for the direct integration with PowerTeacher Pro. If you're using PowerTeacher, see this article.


ALL In Learning has partnered with PowerTeacher Pro to make exporting scores incredibly simple.



Here are the steps:

  1. Grade your assessment in ALL in Learning using instant scanning, clickers, student devices, rubrics, etc. 

  2. In another browser tab, log into Power Teacher Pro.

  3. In your ALL In Learning tab, go to Reports > Sessions > Actions > Send to Power Teacher Pro.\

  4. That's it! 

1. You may need to refresh your screen in Power Teacher Pro to see the new synced assessment grades.
2. Don't see "Send to Power Teacher Pro?" It's probably a simple setup issue -- let us know!

3. Some HONORS, AP, and PRE-AP sections have issues due to PowerSchool incorrectly reporting assessment grading-scale IDs. Please contact support for help if you see this issue as we are continuing to resolve it. 

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