Export Scores into Powerschool (PowerTeacher) from ALL In Learning


Note: You must have Student IDs for each student in your roster.

NOTE: This article is for PowerTeacher. If you are using PowerTeacher Pro, please see this article.


In ALL In Learning:

Go to the Reports tab, click Sessions, and next to your report's name, click Actions > Export > Export to CSV.


This will export a CSV file to your computer. 

Then, in PowerSchool:

1. Select Grading > Assignment/Activity List and click the plus sign to create an assignment.



2. Name the assignment, uncheck "Submit Student Online Work," and click "Save and Close."



3. On the Assignments/Activities screen, hover over the assignment you created and click the calculator icon to View Scores.


4. In the Assignment, click on the gear icon on the far right.



5. Click "Import Scores." 



6. Click "Browse Files," find your downloaded CSV file from ALL In Learning, select it, and click Open/OK.


7. Click Next. 


8. IMPORTANT: It may take about 30 seconds for PowerSchool to process and upload the file. Wait until you see a preview of the scores, and then click Import.




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