Challenge Board Game


Challenge Boards are pre-built Jeopardy-like games with standards-linked questions meant to be displayed to your class and answered with Clickers or by students using our Web Clicker feature with their phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer.  


Challenge boards can be used with a "teams" roster (teams share a device) or with each student responding on their own device. They can be used for fun engagement or for serious review and evaluation. All responses are recorded in your reports tab for analysis and intervention.         

Challenge boards are pre-made and ready for you to use. Not all subjects and grade levels are covered yet, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please send requests to 


How to Use Challenge Boards

  1. Click Lessons/Assessments (left menu) > Fun Activities.


  2. Available boards will display. To filter them, enter grade, subject, or a custom tag.
  3. To see the standards covered, mouse over the standards' name or click "Standards: View."
  4. To preview the questions, click Activate > Slide Show. A new tab will open. On the gameboard, click a dollar amount ($100, $200, etc.) to see the question. Click "Back to Gameboard" to select another question.
  5. To launch a Challenge Board for your class, click "Activate" and choose your class. 
  6. If you are using WebClickers (student devices) ONLY, choose "Webclickers."
  7. If you are using any hardware clicker pads, select Scan Receivers, click on your receiver's name in the list, and choose "Connect."
  8. You're ready to play! Select any question (or let the class choose) by clicking on the desired dollar amount ($100, $200, etc.) and click "Start Question."
  9. When students have answered, click "End Question."
  10. A chart will pop up showing how the class answered (anonymously), indicating the correct answer. (Students may cheer or groan, and this may be priceless moment to reteach if doing engagement!) Click "Close" to close the chart window. Note: The chart feature can be turned off under the "Options" button.
  11. Click "Back to Gameboard" (or click anywhere on the question area) to go back to the game board and repeat these steps until all questions have been answered. 
  12. To show the final scores of all students/teams, click "Game Score." 
  13. To end the session, click "End Session" and confirm. You'll find your report under Reports > Sessions, named "[standards] Challenge Game."






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