Progress Trackers


Progress trackers instantly collate data to show ongoing progress by standard over time and quickly identify areas that need improvement or evidence of growth.

There are uniquely- tailored trackers for different stakeholders:

Student Progress Tracker
Teacher Progress Tracker
Campus Progress Tracker
District Progress Tracker


Student Progress Tracker
When teachers post progress trackers to the Student Portal, students and their families can view their progress by standard over time, identify concepts that need work, and celebrate growth.

Students can view their Progress Trackers in the Student Portal under Reports>Progress Trackers. Each class/subject will have its own tracker. 


How Teachers can Post a Tracker to the Student Portal

First, teachers need to have a progress tracker created with assessments added (see the section below for instructions). Then, in the tracker view, teachers can click "Post to Student Portal" (or go to Reports > Progress Trackers > Actions > Post to Student Portal). 



Each student will see a version of the tracker in their student portal view with only their information, always current, allowing them to monitor their own progress.


Teacher Progress Tracker
Teacher Progress Trackers provide a color-heatmap view of assessment data for students by standard over time. If an assessment covered multiple standards, data for each standard will be colated by standard in the tracker, showing the average and the number of questions on the assessment tied to that standard. 

Teachers can see their trackers under Reports>Progress Trackers. 


Trackers are based on the class and the standards body. If you have 5 classes using the same body of standards, you'll have 5 different trackers. If you had 5 classes, each using 2 different standards bodies, you'd have 10 trackers.

You can click a student's name in the tracker to see only that student's tracker - great for individual discussions or parent-teacher conferences. You can also click "Post to Student Portal" so that students and parents can monitor it at any time and have insight into the areas they can improve. 


Pro Tip: The best way to use the tracker is to engage students several times per week (for example, with clickers on the fly) so you can quickly spot stagnant or downward-trending students and intervene while concepts are fresh. Many teachers have seen record student growth with this strategy.



How to Add Assessments to the Progress Tracker

1. There are three easy ways to add assessments to the Progress Tracker:

  • Any time you finish an assessment: When you click End Session, you'll see a prompt letting you easily add the session to the tracker right away.

  • In the Reports tab: Go to Reports > Sessions > (find your session) > Actions > Add to Progress Tracker.

  • After you Edit Key or Standards for a report: Go to Reports > Sessions > (find your session) > Actions > Edit Key & Standards. When you make your changes and click Save, you'll be prompted to add the session to the tracker.  

2. When you add an assessment, you’ll see a confirmation dialog. If everything looks ok, click “Create Tracker” or "Add to Tracker" and your session will be added to the tracker for the class and body of standards.

If your session is missing standards, you'll be prompted to add them using "Edit Key & Standards." Click the link to open Edit Key & Standards (for detailed instructions on using Edit Key & Standards,  see this article.) After you click "Save" in the Edit Key & Standards screen, you'll see a prompt to add the session to the tracker automatically.


How to View Your Progress Trackers

Go to Reports > Progress Trackers and click the class name for the tracker you want to see. 


How to View a Single Student

Sometimes you may need to view only a single student without seeing the other students, for example when discussing a student's progress with parents. To do so, simply click the student's name. 



You'll see a tracker of this student's progress - including this student's combined standard average.


How to Delete a Session from a Progress Tracker

Go to Reports > Progress Trackers, click the class name for the tracker you want to see, then for the report you would like to delete, click the red [X] next to the name. This will remove the report from the entire Progress Tracker (not just from the standard section the X is under).


How to Delete a Progress Tracker

Go to Reports > Progress Trackers, click on Actions, and select "Delete" from the dropdown menu. This will remove the entire Progress Tracker from your list.




Campus Progress Trackers

Campus Progress Trackers automatically collate a campus’s common assessment data by standard per teacher. To create a progress tracker, click Reports > Progress Tracker > Create New Progress Tracker (on the upper left).

A window will appear showing all the reports across the campus. Find the desired assessments (filter by grade and/or subject to narrow your search) and click Add to Progress Tracker for each assessment. 


For convenience, even if you did not Filter by Standard, once you add one assessment, the view will then show only assessments matching the same standard body.

You can now continue adding assessments to the Progress Tracker, remove assessments from the Progress Tracker, create a new Progress Tracker, or view your current Progress Tracker. The report shows growth over time for each assessment. 




District Progress Tracker
District Trackers automatically collate common assessment data from across the district by subject/grade/standard for district administrators.

     Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 5.47.00 PM.png


District Admins can view, create, and edit their District Progress Trackers under Reports > Progress Trackers. 


To create a District Progress Tracker, click Create a New Progress Tracker on the upper left. A window will appear showing all the reports across the district. You can build the progress tracker by finding specific reports and adding it to the Progress Tracker (use filters to narrow your search). 


You may end up with many different trackers by grade and subject. To view a specific one, you can narrow your list by filtering by grade, subject, and owner.



To view the data in the tracker, click the red title of a particular Progress Tracker. The report shows growth over time for each assessment. 



Create and Save Custom Filters

To create and save a filter that shows only specific schools, click Create/Manage custom filter, enter a filter name, such as "Region 3 Elementary Schools," and click Create. Select which campuses you want to see in the tracker and click "Save filter" (on the upper right).


You will then be able to edit, delete, and select saved filters to apply them to trackers. 






Can I combine two progress trackers, to see how all my classes are doing?

No. The Progress Tracker shows progress on a specific standard body for a specific class.  Combining classes or standard bodies into one Tracker is not supported at this time. For a report that shows students across all of your classes on a given assessment, check out our Aggregate tab under Reports > Sessions. Check here for more information on all our report options!


What if my assessment has two different standards?

If an assessment has standards from multiple standard chapters (for example, an exam covering both Algebra and Geometry), you will be asked what you want to do with each of the standard chapters when you drag the assessment onto the Progress Tracker bar:


If you'd like to create a tracker for both, choose one option first, then click and drag again, and choose the other option.


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