Add Standards to Questions


You can add standards to your assessment in a number of ways, both before and after you have graded your assessment.

This article discusses how to add standards no matter where you are in the process, as well as the easiest way to find standards.

Add Standards When Creating an Assessment Using Quick Key
Add Standards to Custom Lessons or Individual Slides
Add Standards to a Report After Having Graded an Assessment
Trouble Finding Your Standards?


Add Standards When Creating an Assessment Using Quick Key

The easiest way to add standards is when you first create your assessment using our Quick Key feature.

First, click on the Lessons/Assessment tab, choose My Assessments, and select the Create New button, and choose Assessment Key. Fill in the required information for naming the assessment, then hit "Next" to begin creating your assessment.

Once the Insert Questions modal opens, click on the Insert Standards Toolbar and click down to the standards you need to add to your question.


When you have selected the standard you need, you can begin clicking in the correct answers and the standards will be automatically added. If you have already added an answer and need to add a standard, or if you need to change a standard attached to the answer, click on the correct standard and then "Insert Selected Standards."


Once you have completed adding your answers, and all your answers have the needed standards, you can hit Save Assessment to finish creating your assessment.


Add Standards to Custom Lessons or Individual Slides

If you have already completed building your answer key, or you have created a Custom Lesson that contains individual slides, you can add standards to individual questions by clicking the Add Standards link from the Question Properties Box. 


When adding standards to an already created assessment, you'll have to add them to a slide one at a time.

A better and quicker way to add standards to each question might be to use our next option: adding standards to a report after grading an assessment.


Add Standards to a Report After Having Graded an Assessment

A great way to add standards to several questions at the same time is to add standards to an assessment after a report has been generated.

Grade your assessment like normal, or if using On the Fly, complete the On the Fly assessment by hitting End Session to produce a report.

Click on your Reports tab, choose Sessions, and for the assessment you just graded, click the Actions button, and click on Edit Key & Standards.



You can add standards to one question or to all questions by clicking the Add Standards link under the Assign Standards column.




In addition to adding standards, you can also delete standards here by clicking on the [X] link.

After you have completed adding and deleting standards for each of the questions for this report, click on the Save button at the bottom of the window.

Once saved, the added standards are added to all reports for the same assessment. If you are using Edit Key & Standards on the last report made for that assessment, then all previous reports will be changed. If it is the first report for that assessment, all subsequent reports will include those added or changed standards.

If you are the author of an assessment that you have shared with other teachers and you Edit Key & Standards for that shared assessment, the other teachers' reports will also be changed.


Trouble Finding Your Standards?

If you believe a standard is missing from our standards bank, complete the following steps to confirm they are missing and to contact us to request the addition.

1. Be sure that you are looking at the right standard body for the standards you need. The standards are listed the way the states name their documents, so for example, while the state may have updated a standard in 2017, the updates are in the document dated from 2014. Or they may have released a new document in 2017. 

2. Use our search feature to look for your standards. The standard numbers might be a little different or they might be organized differently. We try to match the state standards as best we can, but it is always a good idea to use a keyword to search for the standard.

In the example below, I used "poetry" to search for a language standard in Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 6th Grade ELA standards body to find the standard I needed. Type in the search term and then click "Prev" or "Next" to navigate to the relevant standards. 


3. If you still are unable to find the standards you need, contact ALL In Learning Tech Support at and provide the following information:

  • A link to the specific state or standard governing body with the standards that are missing.
  • What grade and subject area is missing.

additional keywords: standards find TEKS Common Core add

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