Grading Bubble Sheets (includes VIDEO)


The easiest way to scan bubble sheets is with your phone or tablet using ALL In Learning ASSIST (free from the Apple Store or Google Play). You can also use most document cameras or webcams plugged into your computer.

(For instructions on printing bubble sheets, see the “Print Bubble Sheets” article.)

How To Scan Bubble Sheets with your Phone or Tablet


Note: If using ASSIST on a phone or tablet, you'll first need to enter your login credentials.

  1. Select Grade An Assessment, choose your assessment, select the class, then select “Scan Bubble Sheets.”
  2. Place the bubble sheets fully in frame, and you should hear the bell ring when a scan is captured.
  3. Note student scores displayed at the top of the screen. You can give immediate feedback!
  4. Click "Students" to view all student scores. Click Back to return to grading.
  5. If a scan shows anomalies, like unanswered questions, click Questions and determine how you want the anomalies graded. Then click Done to continue scanning.
  6. When you’re done grading, click End.  Click Leave Session Active, if you want to pause and continue scanning later. Choose End Session if you are finished grading and want the data uploaded to your online reports.
  7. When prompted, add the data to the progress tracker! 

How To Scan with a Doc Cam on your Computer

1. Go to the Lessons / Assessments tab.

2. Click the "Activate" menu next to the assessment you wish to grade and choose “Scan Bubble Sheet.”

3. Click the class you wish to grade. If your USB camera is plugged in, you should see the video feed in the window on the right. If you do not see the camera feed or if it’s the wrong camera, either try to change the camera to the correct one by changing the camera at the bottom from the drop-down menu labeled "Switch Camera," or click the help link at the top right labeled “Scanning Help” to see instructions on setting up the camera.

4. Position your first bubble sheet in the camera view so that the rectangle is completely in view, and your bubble sheet should scan automatically. If you are using student-specific bubble sheets, you will instantly see your student list on the left updated with the student score. If you are using “generic” bubble sheets, you will see a dialog box open, asking you to choose which student this sheet was for — make your selection and you will see your student list on the left updated with the student’s score.

5. If any questions were unanswered or unreadable due to improper filling in, you will see a red number next to the student name in the list on the left. Click the hand icon next to their name to see their answers and click in any corrections, then click “Done” to return to scanning mode.

6. If the assessment has rubric or short answer questions, students can write their response on the back of the bubble sheet. When grading, click the hand icon and move the slider to score. Click "Done" to move on to scanning the next student.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 for the remainder of your students.

8. Click “End Session” when you are finished grading. NOTE: If for some reason you do not finish before losing your connection, your computer crashes, or you close the window improperly, your grading data is saved behind the scenes for you to reactivate the session and finish correctly.

Are you having trouble scanning bubble sheets? Click here for help!

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