Eduphoria! AWARE: Overview and Setup


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Why Sync AWARE and ALL In Learning?

  1. Class rosters and students are automatically synced from AWARE into ALL In Learning. 

  2. Multiple Choice tests created in AWARE can be made available inside ALL In Learning to be graded with ALL In Learning’s easy bubble sheet scanning feature (with a doc cam or mobile device), with clickers, or with Engage & Learn. The data can then be sent back to AWARE.

  3. Once a teacher enters their Aware login credentials in ALL In Learning, each time they log into ALL In Learning, classes are synced and all available tests are automatically fetched from AWARE. Teachers can also trigger syncs manually at any time.

  4. AWARE and ALL In Learning are complementary. AWARE may be used for benchmarks by those admins who are used to AWARE's district-wide reporting, while ALL In Learning is focused on ease of use for teachers and can make grading those benchmarks easier, but really shines for the classroom-level student engagement, formative instruction, immediate feedback, and weekly PLC data that most impacts daily student learning.


Things to Consider:

  1. Teachers will need to upload test results from ALL In Learning back to AWARE before the testing window expires. If your AWARE assessment scores won't upload from ALL In Learning back into AWARE, check to make sure the testing window date range set up by the test administrator is still open.

  2. Class rosters in ALL In Learning are meant to represent the students that are in the room, to facilitate using response pads as a class. We have seen some schools set up subgroup rosters within a class for AWARE reporting purposes instead of using a single complete roster, and since those divided class rosters come over to ALL In Learning as they appear in AWARE as separate rosters, the teacher would need to do some consolidation to be sure that they have a single class roster that represents the actual students in the classroom.

  3. The AWARE software does not allow correct answers to be sent to 3rd party grading systems. So, the reporting available in ALL In Learning will not be meaningful for those AWARE created tests until they are uploaded back to AWARE, where the reports can then be viewed. This means student scores will say 0 in ALL In Learning but will be accurate when uploaded back to AWARE.

  4. Currently, only Multiple Choice questions can be graded in ALL In Learning and synced back to AWARE. 


First, Set Up the Connection on the ALL In Learning Side

An admin will need to send a request for your district to be set up for AWARE syncing to and include the URL used by teachers to access AWARE for your district. (For example, or 

Then, Set Up the Connection on the AWARE Side

An Aware Data Administrator will need to set this option: Select the Manage tab > Configuration Options > Testing tab. Under "Third Party Response Systems, select "ALL In Learning".

Note: The Aware Data Administrator is often a different Aware account holder than the administrators who assign assessments through Aware to teachers. For those kind of administrators, see the next step.


Enable the Specific Test to be Synced

If the teacher is creating the test themselves, it should be ready to sync with their ALL In Learning account now.

If the test is a distributed assessment, an admin will need to go into the test, click the Administration tab of the test, go to the "Student Response Pads" section and check the "Allow student response pad testing" option.


Teachers Sync AWARE and ALL In Learning

Teachers will need to enter their AWARE login credentials into their ALL In Learning account settings by following these steps:

1. In your ALL In Learning account, go to the settings menu at the upper right and 

2. Choose the Social Profiles tab and click "Edit Aware Credentials."



3. Be sure to put in the same credentials with which you log into AWARE (the Password field is case-sensitive). This window will tell you when your credentials have been verified with AWARE.

NOTE: We recommend that you try this in one teacher account to work out any kinks before having all teachers proceed. If syncing doesn't work, please go log into AWARE to confirm your credentials are exactly correct, then re-enter them in your ALL In Learning's "Manage Account - Aware" window. If any other teacher at your school can sync with AWARE, your district setup is okay and any syncing problem is probably a username/password issue.


AWARE Steps when using Schoolobjects Remote Authentication

AWARE requires teachers at schools using AWARE's remote authentication option to create an AWARE App Password for use with third-party companies like ALL In Learning. Here are the steps for setting this up:

1. Log into Schoolobjects using your Active Directory credentials.

2. Click My Profile

3. Click App Passwords

4. Click Create New

5. Give the password a meaningful name such as Aware Scanning, or PDAS on iPhone, and then click Create.

6. At this point, it's going to provide you with a URL, Username, and Password you can use to log in on desktop applications, such as ALL In Learning. Keep this information in a safe place, as this is the ONLY time you will see it. In the future you can delete this password, and create a new one, but this is the only time the application will ever show it to you.

Enter this password in ALL In Learning as you are given it by AWARE, including the spaces. The notation is xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx.

Syncing should occur automatically any time you log in, but you can always manually Sync in the Settings menu by clicking "Sync with Aware." Syncing may take a minute, and after it's complete, you'll see synced classes and tests are highlighted yellow. 

If your school is using AWARE'sremote authentication option and these steps are not completed, teachers will receive a message stating that authentication has failed.

For more information, see this link on Eduphoria's site:


Teachers Grade and Upload the Assessment

  1. In ALL In Learning, activate the Aware test with an Aware roster, using your grading method of choice.

  2. Collect data with ALL In Learning. The student results will not be shown in ALL In Cloud --­ only that we recorded their answers. 

  3. After ending the session in ALL In, the session is listed in the reports tab, highlighted in yellow. 

  4. Under the Actions button, click Send to Aware. If the test in Aware has question types not currently synced with ALL In Learning, those questions will appear as “PlaceHolder” questions in ALL In. They may be scored in Aware after the upload of the student responses.

  5. You should then be able to log back into AWARE to see the grades and results.
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