Grading in the Cloud Overview


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ALL In Learning's mission is to make student engagement and assessment as easy as possible so you can get your students excited about learning and be completely in touch with what they are understanding.

Assessment Shouldn't be Difficult
When an assessment is a challenge to grade, the tendency is to assess less often, in bigger chunks. Overall, this gives an inaccurate view of student comprehension that favors some learning styles over others, too much time has passed since the concepts were fresh, and students have already lagged behind in misconceptions that prevented growth.

The Single Most Effective Method for Growing Student Success
Research by Stuart Yeh at the University of Michigan of the 22 most commonly proposed educational reforms shows that no single strategy is as cost-effective, time-saving, and effective as rapid assessment -- that is, the practice of effectively checking for every student's understanding often, while concepts are fresh. This practice keeps students engaged and solidifies what they are learning, and it lets teachers know what each student is really understanding while concepts are relevant.

ALL In Learning Makes it Easy and Engaging
ALL In Learning gives you several options for gaining real immediate insight into student comprehension. 

  • Clickers are the best way to capture quick comprehension checks of every student in the flow of teaching. Clickers in ALL In Learning are simple to set up and use; they are easy to manage in class; they can be used with on-the-fly verbal, web, or book questions; they get students paying close attention, and they can give you immediate mid-lesson feedback on each student's comprehension. You can also use student devices as WebClickers. 
  • Instant bubble sheet scanning using document cameras or our ASSIST iOS app brings the time-saving power of classic scanning solutions right to your class while drastically cutting the costs. Because it's cloud-based it can be done in class immediately, at home, or even while sitting at a sporting event if you have an iOS device. Quizzes, homework, weekly tests, and finals can even be engaging when students get their results immediately!
  • Convenient essay rubric and short answer grading with your computer or our ASSIST iOS app turns even subjective essays into fantastic standards-based hard data that can reveal academic weak spots and trends. And yes, you can mix these types of questions into a multiple-choice bubble sheet test.
  • The Student Portal (for computers, tablets, and smartphones) can be used to engage students with instructional content, on-screen question answering, using bubble sheets and scanning them themselves for immediate feedback, or tapping in an electronic bubble sheet type interface for paper saving. It can be used in a 1-to-1 device-to-student situation or even if you only have one or two iPads to be passed around for learning activities.
  • AI-Assisted Grading gives teachers instant analysis and a suggested grade for student work (constructed response). Districts can enable the AI-Assisted Grading option to save teacher's time, facilitate frequent data, promote consistency, and to provide feedback to all students, quickly.

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