Social-Emotional Mood Meter


The social and emotional check is a quick clicker session that requires no preparation. It is a great way to see how your students are feeling in the moment and track trends over time. You can find it at the top right of the home page.

Click Launch then choose Response Pads or Use with Student Portal

  • Response pads = students will answer with clickers (for more on response pads, click here). 
  • Use with Student Portal = The Social and Emotional Check appears in the Student Portal. Students can click their answers and change their answers until the teacher clicks End Session.

After the students respond, click End Session, and an SEL Report will be created. 

To view an SEL Report, click Reports>Social & Emotional.

The left report shows the data for your most recent check. The right report shows the combined data for the month. Change to a different day using the calendar icon on the upper right.

Click on the columns to see how each specific student answered. 

District Admins and Campus Admins: Create your own SEL question 

A district admin or campus admin can change the SEL set that appears when students take the check in. The default question, created by ALL In Learning, is: “How are you feeling today?”

Note: SEL sets are hierarchical, meaning if no campus set is created, the district set will be used, and if no district set is created, the ALL In learning default set will be used.

To change a SEL Set, click  Administration>SEL. On the following screen, click Add SEL Set.

A new row will appear. Click Actions>Edit SEL Set.

Click the text field at the top to change the SEL question. Click the text box below each emoji to change the description. Lastly, click the colored box at the bottom to change the color of the emoji.

When you are finished, click Save Changes.



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