3 Steps for Guaranteed Student Growth


The schools we've seen make the biggest turnarounds
with ALL In Learning employ these basic steps:



To always know every student's comprehension based on real data and address misconceptions quickly: This is hugely impactful, and our goal is to make it so easy for teachers that it actually gives them more nights and weekends back than they had before, with the peace of mind that their students are right on track.

Step 1: Engage kids with clickers and fix misconceptions every day. No prep required!

This video will show how to do this organically, as you teach, with no prep. No creating questions beforehand, no staying up the night before. You get awesome engagement with your class, great data, and there's no grading afterward, either!

Here's a full article with detailed steps: Using Clickers with ALL In Learning


Step 2: Scan quizzes in class and give students feedback immediately. No weekend grading!

This video will show you the basics of how scanning works with ALL In Learning. It's so fast, you can do it as students hand in their work and you can give instant feedback. 


Here's a full article with detailed steps: Bubble Sheet Scanning 


Step 3: Track each kid's progress and intervene while concepts are fresh, based on the data.

All assessment activities turn into instant reports so you can help struggling students immediately in class and you and your team can track progress, watch for trends, and share best practices.

These short videos show you how: 



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