District Formative Dashboard


The District Formative Dashboard will pull in all standards data - including from frequent formative assessments - to show district admins early warnings and progress by grade and subject compared with historical data and goals. 


Select the subject, grade, and date range to narrow down the focus of the display.

The outer red rings indicate scores by standard in historical goal data. The green rings indicate current progress on standards to date. The red or green arrows simply help draw attention to areas that are lagging behind, at a glance.

Click the "Go to tracker" buttons to drill down and identify precise problem areas and take action to address them quickly. Learn more about the trackers here.

The "Student Group Averages" section shows average performance by demographic. 

The "Opportunities to Respond" section shows the number of students responding to questions posed with Clickers or Webclickers (often a good representation of classroom student engagement). 

District admins: Contact us to set up your district’s historical and goal data for free so the Dashboard can begin showing daily progress status! 


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