Drag and Drop Questions


District Admin accountholders can now create Drag and Drop questions to be distributed as assessments or made available as items for teachers and campuses to use. 

  1. In your district administrator account, go to the Lessons/Assessments tab and click Itembank Portal > Items Manager >"Add New Itembank." Fill in the required fields and click Save. 


  2. Click Actions > View Questions.
  3. Click Add New Question.

  4. Select "DragDrop" in the Question Type menu on the left.
  5.  The Question Creator will open.


      • On the left, enter a Question Label (however your district uniquely names items). This is a required field.
      • Click "Add Standards" to attach standards to this question.
      • Enter Custom Properties (like "Algebra") that may help your team find and track items. 

  6. In the Question Stem field enter the question and place the correct answers where their "drop spots" should be. 

      • Method A: Correct answer options can be placed in any order (for instance, "What are the three primary colors? Blue, Red, and Yellow" ("Yellow, Blue, and Red" would also be allowed, etc.)):
        1. Include the answer options in the Question Stem field where you want the drop spots to appear, select one of the answers (ex: the word "blue"), and click "Add New Drop Spot From Selected Text."


          Below the Question Stem you'll see a new "dropspot1" field containing the selected text (in this case, the word "Blue").


        2. To add more correct answer options to the same Drop Spot: Select another correct answer in the question stem field (in this example: "Red"), click "Add Selected Text to Drop Spot." Do the same for all other correct answers. Note these correct answers are under the same "dropspot1." They can be dropped in that drop spot any order and count as correct as long as the student chooses all three.


        3. To add a Detractor (wrong answer): Click "Add New Detractor" and enter a wrong answer (ex: Green). If the student chooses this answer they will be incorrect for this question.  Click "Add New Detractor"again to add another detractor. 

        4. Click Save & Add New to add another question, or click "Save & Close" to be taken back to the list of questions.

        5. On the question list screen, click Actions > View Question to preview the question as it will look and function for students.


      • Method B: Each answer option must be dropped in its specific spot or order:
        1. Follow steps 3-6 above, EXCEPT instead of adding to the same dropspot, choose ‘Add New Drop Spot from Selected Text’ for each answer. This will create multiple drop spots with one answer in each. They will get the question correct only if they drop each answer in the right drop spot.

        2. If you need detractors (wrong answer options), add as described above.
      • The above two methods can adapt to questions with answers listed with commas, listed top to bottom, appearing in specific locations, fill-in-the-blank formats, etc. For example

  7. Publish Questions: Before questions can be seen by others or used in an assessment, the admin must ‘publish’ the question. In the question list screen, click Action > Edit Question and click the Publish Question button. 


Create Assessments with These Items

  1. Creating assessments can be done two ways. 
      • Click the ‘create assessment’ button at the top of the question list screen. You will get a familiar itembank test creation view. Create whatever test you want. 
      • Create new assessment from itembank in  your list of lessons/assessments. Inside preezo, in the itembank view, find your new itembank and create the assessment from there. 
  2. You must distribute this test to some teachers for them to give to students. Nothing has changed with this feature. Just distribute as normal


Grading these items as a teacher

  1. TEI Drag & Drop items are automatically graded correct or incorrect with no partial credit automatically assigned. 
  2. Teachers can use their judgment to give partial credit by manually adjusting a slider on the grading screen by tenths of a point from 0 (no credit) to 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, ... up to 1 (full credit). 
  3. On Points-Based reports, these questions are worth 10 points. Incorrect equals 0 points and correct equals 10 points. Manual teacher adjustments (as described directly above) will translate to point value like this: 0.1 = 1 point, 0.2 = 2 points, etc.
  4. If the student answers and then the teacher manually adjusts the score, the manual adjustment will overwrite the student's original score. If the score is manually adjusted before the student submits their responses, the automatic grade (0 or 1) will overwrite the teacher's manual score.
  5. ALL In Learning records all instances of manual teacher-adjusted scores. 





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