Text to Speech


Students can highlight text in the Student Portal and hear it read aloud.


Students can control the speed by clicking the Text to Speech Button. Additionally, they can click the “Voice Options” drop-down to pick different pronunciation options. Note: The options vary depending on the student’s browser. We recommend Google Chrome for the biggest selection.


By default, Text to Speech is restricted to IEP students, but teachers can make text to speech available for all students when activating the assessment for the Student Portal.


A student is deemed to be IEP-accommodated based on their demographic data. If the IEP demographic data was not imported from your SMS into ALL In Learning, you can add it by going to  your Classes tab, choosing the students class, clicking in the Demographics column for the student and making sure IEP is selected. 

Note: Text to Speech only works on actual text - not text that is part of an image.

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