Dallas ISD PDOL Instructions


Dallas teachers can easily do their PDOLs with ALL In Learning to make things easier for students, save themselves tons of time, and quickly identify areas of improvement. 

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Steps for Students
     Steps for Teachers
     Steps for Admins

Steps for Students

Check out this short video walkthrough! Steps-by-step instructions are below. 


  1. Click on the link embedded for you by your teacher in Google Classroom and login using the Sign In with Google button. 


  2. The assessment will launch. The main viewing area will display a PDF. Scroll through the test and answer the questions on the right.


    When finished, click “Next” or “Show Summary.”

  3. On the next screen, confirm you’ve answered the questions as intended and click “I’m Finished.”


    If there are unanswered questions, you’ll see them highlighted like this:


    If needed, click “Back to Slides” to answer those questions and then be sure you click “I’m Finished” in order to get credit for the assessment.

Steps for Teachers

Check out this short video walkthrough! Steps-by-step instructions are below. 


  1. In Powerschool, click the ALL In Learning PDOL link. This will open ALL In Learning’s login screen.

  2. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to Activate the assessment.  Choose Post to Student Portal.


  3. Select the class(es) you want to activate and click "Start for selected classes."  


  4. Under Activation Settings, mirror the settings below.  For Security Settings, select No for both options and click Next.


  5. On the next screen, click Activate.


    The assessment is activated now and the Student Portal Settings button indicates “(listening).”


  6. Students will now be able to login to the ALL In Learning Student portal to take the assessment per the instructions in the “Steps for Students” section below.

  7. To share the assessment link with students in Google classroom, click Embed This Assessment.


    Click Copy Embed Link.  IMPORTANT:  This specific link is only for this class of students, NOT for all students.


    In Google Classroom for that class, post the copied link.  (There are numerous ways to do this in GC. Here I am posting it on the Stream for my 5b class.)


    Be sure to click Add Link and then Post.  The assessment is live for your students and will say “ALL In Learning Engage &...”


  8. On the ALL In Learning Assessment screen, you can click Leave Session Active at the bottom to leave the screen but keep the session active and available for students to take.


  9. Repeat this process for your other classes as necessary. 

  10. To re-enter the grading screen and monitor progress or to end the assessment and create a report: Go to the Active Sessions section of the Home tab (Note: It will NOT appear in your Lessons Assessments tab) and click Activate.


  11. Then choose “Use with Engage & Learn.” You can monitor student progress in the grading screen and click End Session at bottom to end the assessment.


 Steps for Admins

These tips will help you access data and reports:

  • Campus Admins can see individual session reports under the Reports > Sessions tab.
  • Campus Admins can see aggregated PLC/Data Team reports by going to Reports > Data Teams > [select a data team from the list] > make sure the two "Show Only Common Reports" options are unchecked (right side of the screen).
  • District Admins can filter reports to only see DOLs coming in, virtually in real time. Go to Reports > All, enter "DOL" in the title field and click "Search." 

    Additional search terms: demonstration demonstrations learning pdols dol dols dallasisd
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