Distance Learning Options and Frequently Asked Questions


Distance learning should be easy and able to fit your needs.

With our student portal, you can engage students with Chromebooks, tablets, computers, and even a parent's smartphone. Our student portal gives you easy options and gives students easy access to lots of feedback.

Here are some of the options available:

  • Post Open-ended assessments to the Student Portal 
    • Students can take a picture of their work 
    • Can upload pictures using a smartphone
  • Post PDFs with questions to the Student Portal 

  • Use video 
  • Create your own instructional modules with questions
    • Post PDFs with questions
    • Import PowerPoints and Word docs 
    • Use our online creation tool
  • Pre-created instructional assessment assets
    • Exit tickets
    • Instructional modules
    • Challenge boards
    • Reading Passage of the Day (with questions)


Frequently Asked Questions 


How do students access the student portal?

With any web-enabled device (smartphone, Chromebook, tablet, computer, etc.) students will go to allinlearning.com > Login> Students. Then:

  • If your campus uses GMail for student emails, they can use “Sign in with Google.”
  • If not, students can scan their QR code sheet or type in the code from their QR code sheet. 
  • In the coming days, students will be able to create their own username/password.

Click here for more details >>  


How can students answer open-ended questions?

See this article!


Do students have to have computers? 

No. They can use smartphones as well as Chromebooks, tablets, and other internet-accessible devices.  


Do you have pre-written item bank questions I can choose from by standard?

Yes, in your teacher or admin account, go to Lessons & Assessments > Item Bank Portal. 


Will these online assessments go into the tracker?
Yes, if the questions have standards attached. If not, you’ll be able to assign standards after the fact using Edit Key and Standards and post to tracker. More info >>


Can I post a syllabus and other types of informational documents (schedule and instructions)?

Yes. You can create a lesson, put your syllabus on a slide or attach it as a document, and activate it for your classes to see. 


I have clickers in my classroom, is there a way to use this concept at home?

Yes, student devices can be used with live video or audio lessons, just like clickers in the classroom. Unplug your receiver from your computer, and Launch clickers as you normally would. You’ll see a prompt to “Use Web Clickers Only” (which will also let you provide a link to a live video stream if you like). In the student portal, students will see the web clicker session, which they can activate to participate live.


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