Instructional Modules


Instructional Modules are full lessons with integrated, standards-aligned assessment questions, suited perfectly for student devices like computers, Chromebooks, or tablets. They can be purchased by schools to consistently engage students across their teams and get powerful standards-based progress tracking data while saving teachers hours of time.

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How to Use Instructional Modules

  1. Teachers can go to their Lessons/Assessments tab and click Instructional Modules. 


  2. Available Instructional Modules will display. You can narrow down the view by searching for keywords or entering Grade and Subject info. 
  3. You can view details of the description my hovering your mouse over any text that's followed by dots ("..."), and you can view what standards are attached. 

  4. You can click "Actions" to view the contents as a slideshow, for example, to look at the content before presenting the material. 

  5. Click "Activate" to see the options there: 

    Activating for ALL In Response (Teacher-Paced)
    is for using clickers or WebClickers (student devices as live clickers) and leading the class through the slides one at a time, asking questions on eat a time as a class, getting the responses, and moving to the next one. See these articles for information about using clickers or WebClickers.
    Activating for Engage & Learn (Student Devices) allows students to use Chromebooks, computers, or tablets to see the contents and answer on screen at their own pace.  See this article about using Engage & Learn.




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