Passages and Passage of the Day



In the Passages tab (under Lessons / Assessments), you can assign a passage (with corresponding questions) to your class that will match their skill level.


You can search by keyword or level in the Search By field or view by grade and subject. Click Details to see a passage's word count, number of questions available, and if it's fiction or nonfiction.

Note that many have Spanish translations (with more available every day). Click the View button to read the passage, select questions, and create an assessment.


Passage of the Day

When teachers turn on Passage of the Day, the system automatically assigns a daily reading passage to students, saving teachers hours and helping students build up background knowledge, reading stamina, and vocabulary. 

Teachers simply choose the appropriate reading level, “flip on the switch,” then check their reports each day to spot where students need help.



Students will get a new passage to read each day in their student portal .

Passages include:

  • Comprehension questions built in. 
  • Embedded vocabulary words with definitions. 
  • Spanish translations. 
  • Text-to-speech options.


These consistent, short reading passages can build the stamina and vocabulary critical for reading comprehension. Studies show that just 15 minutes of reading every day produces gains higher than the national average. 


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