Passages and Passage of the Day



Passages in ALL In Learning are an easy way to assign a passage and its corresponding questions to your class that will match their skill level.


Search for the passages you need using our search field, or filter passages by grade or subject. The details button will give you that passage's word count, the total number of questions associated with that passage, and what kind of passage it is.

You can also see whether that passage has a Spanish translation. Please note that not all questions for the passage may have been translated.  If you click the View button, you can read the passage, and if you'd like, immediately create an assessment using this passage.

We are adding new passages all the time, so please check back regularly!

Passage of the Day


A great way to give your students a new passage to read and a few questions every day, Passages of the Day allow you to set a class and review data the next day without any other effort on your part.

On the Passage of the Day tab, select your Reading Level and turn on the Passage of the Day for your class. Once the Passage of the Day is activated, you'll see a link under the Today's Passage column which is the passage assigned to your class for that day.

You can click on the link, read the passage assigned to your class, and if your students haven't already started the Passage of the Day, you can select a new one if you'd like.

For your students, they simply need to log in daily to their student portal and complete the Passage of the Day assessment.


The next day, your students will be assigned a new Passage of the Day assessment to complete, and you can immediately review your reports for how your students did!

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