Access Control Restriction


The purpose of the Access Control restriction is to restrict access to users from signing in to ALL In Learning using their password if they have left or been dismissed from their school.

Requiring campus administrators and teachers to sign in using a single-sign-on method means if you remove their access to their school email address, they will also no longer be able to log in to ALL In Learning. District Administrators will continue to be able to sign in using their email and password.

Turning on Access Control for your district can be done by a District Administrator by signing into their ALL In Learning account and clicking on District Administration, and then District Access Control.

Single-Sign-On refers to a method of singing into one program, such as a Google Account, and then using that authentication to sign into another, such as ALL In Learning.

Most Single-Sign-On options are listed on ALL In Learning below the password field.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 121733.jpg

You can click one of these to sign in to ALL In Learning.

Note that if the Access Control restriction is turned on for your district, Signing in with Facebook won't work, as it does not require a school email address.

This article will help you with signing in with Google.

Your single-sign-on option might not be listed here and you may need to log into a separate program and click on an ALL In Learning link within that program.

Campus Administrators in ALL In Learning can also delete teachers and administrators if that user has left the campus through their ALL In Learning account, by clicking on their Administration tab and then clicking on Teachers & Admins. This is an additional or alternative access control option to this one.

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