AIR Tools not allowing me to click all 5 buttons to add pads to RF set


There is a bug in version 1.0.9 of the ALL In Learning Browser Plugin for Windows which prevents the adding of pads to an RF system (rechargeable, small white buttons). The plugin download will be fixed in the near future, but until then, support can provide a version of the plugin that can be manually installed and allows the pad to be added. 

Once you receive that file, here are steps to move forward:
1. Tech support should have sent you a file called "ailhost.exj." Download it.

2. Edit the file's name to be "ailhost.exe"

3. Close Google Chrome completely. 

4. Press the [windows key] and the "e" key together to launch windows explorer.

5. Copy/paste into the address bar: %LOCALAPPDATA%\ALL In Learning\AIL Browser Plugin\

6. You should now see the AIL Browser Plugin folder containing the original ailhost.exe file. Drag and drop this new ailhost.exe to replace the one that is already there.

7. Restart Google Chrome and try again!

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