ALL In Learning and Focus


ALL In Learning and Focus School Software have developed an integration that allows teachers, classes, and students to be synced automatically, as well as allowing teachers to easily and quickly sync assessments and grades.

You should already be set up with an ALL In Learning account if your school uses Focus and ALL In Learning. Click here to finish setting up your account if you've never used ALL In Learning before.

Once you've set up your ALL In Learning account, your classes and students should be synced automatically.

In order to grade assessments created in Focus in ALL In Learning, or to record graded assessments in ALL In Learning in Focus, please follow these steps.

Creating an assessment in Focus and grading in ALL In Learning

  1. Log in to your Focus account and from the far-left menu select Grades and then Gradebook.


  2. At the top-right, select the school year you need and the class period you would like to create an assessment for.


  3. Once the class is selected, click the Add Assignment option


  4. On the Assignment Page:
    • Add the Assignment Name
    • Set the Points
    • Remaining fields are optional but set them to whatever you need!
    • Then select Third Party System and select ALL In Learning


  5. Once you click ALL In Learning, it will load any assessments you've completed in ALL In Learning for that class that has not been recorded in Focus. Select those if needed, otherwise, move to the next step.

    You can change or add to the list of classes on the far-right, but the class you're creating this assessment for is already selected.

    Once all the assignment fields are set, click on Save!

  6. Clicking Save will return you back to the class page in Focus with the new assignment now listed. You can log in to your ALL In Learning account, or you can click the Third Party link to log in directly!


  7. In your ALL In Learning account, click on the Lessons/Assessments tab to see the new assessment listed in your account.

    Notice that the assessment is highlighted in yellow, and the description says "Imported: Focus Assignment."


  8. Important: Your assessment isn't ready to grade yet! You'll need to add questions first!

    To do this, hover over the Actions button and click on Edit.

    This will open the editing screen in ALL In Learning, and the first option will allow you to choose any of the ways in ALL In Learning to add questions to an assessment.


  9. Choose one of those options and add questions to your assessment. Check out our help desk for resources on building an assessment and the many options you can use in ALL In Learning!

  10. After adding questions and saving, you can now grade the assessment. Check our help desk articles on grading if you need any help with grading in ALL In Learning.

  11. Once you've finished grading and have created a report in ALL In Learning, you can immediately check your Focus account and refresh the class page to see the grades reflected in Focus!


Adding a report from ALL In Learning to Focus

If you've created and graded an assessment in ALL In Learning and would like to add that to Focus, follow these quick and easy steps!

  1. In your ALL In Learning account, your assessment created in ALL In Learning will be the default shading for ALL In Learning assessments.



  2. After grading the assessment, log in to your Focus account and click on the Grades -> Gradebook option from the menu, and then select the school year and class period that completed the assessment.

    See above images if you need help navigating to this screen in Focus.

  3. Once you have selected the class, click on Add Assignment to open the assignment modal.

  4. In the Focus assignment modal, you can set all the fields you need. For the name, you can name the assessment what it is named in ALL In Learning, or you can write a new name and the report and assessment in ALL In Learning will be updated with this new name.

    Once the fields are set, select the 3rd Party drop-down and select ALL In Learning. Focus will search for any assessments that match that class period and you will see the assessment you need!


  5. Select the assessment name from ALL In Learning you need, and then click on Save.

    The grades from the ALL In Learning report will reflect in Focus, and if you changed the name, the report name and assessment name in ALL In Learning will update to reflect that change.



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