Action Plans


An Action Plan helps a teacher, often in collaboration with a team, partner, or coach, to plan remediation based on results of an assessment. It shows all students who scored below a given percent on any of the standards on the assessment, with question fields that help the teacher reflect and plan how they will address weak areas.

How to use the Action Plan feature:

  1. In your ALL In Learning teacher account, go to Reports>Action Plan and click "New."


  2. Choose the assessment you want to base your action plan on.


  3. You'll now see your new action plan in the Action Plan tab. Click on it to view it.

  4. Set the "cutoff" level and click "Filter" to see only those students at or below the level in any given standard.


  1. Look at the "Action Plan for..." section for your first standard and enter reflections for each question on the right. Use the text editor tools at the top to customize and format the look of your notes.


  2. Scroll down to see the list of students and, for each one listed, enter notes about their specific areas of weakness that you want to consider and address.


  3. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the other standards on this assessment.

  4. Click "Save" if you need to leave the screen for any reason, and when finished.


  5. Click "Submit" to have it show up in your campus admins' Action Plans tab.  


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