Export to Gradebook


ALL In Learning integrates with several 3rd-party gradebooks and can export CSV files custom-made to import into others.

But, the easiest way to get scores into your gradebook is usually with "Gradebook Export," which lets you "copy" the grades from ALL In Learning and "paste" them into your Gradebook. 

The following video shows Gradebook Export with Skedula, but this feature works basically the same way with all gradebooks, using the steps below the video.

  1. In ALL In Learning, go to Reports tab > Actions > "Export to Gradebook."
  2. Confirm that the students (and order) displayed below match your grade book. (If not, modify the class roster in ALL In Learning.)
  3. Click “Prepare Grades.”
  4. In your grade book, create the assignment if you haven’t already. To “paste” in the grades, press:
    - CTRL-Insert or CTRL-Shift-A if using a PC.
    - Command-insert or command-shift-a if using a Mac.
    - CTRL-V (or command-v on mac) if using Excel or Google Sheets.

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