Export Grades to SchoolNet


SchoolNet users can export and import their scores from ALL In Learning into SchoolNet in a matter of seconds!


First, Within Your ALL In Learning Online Account:

1. Go to the Reports tab > Sessions > Actions > Schoolnet Transfer Export.




Then, in SchoolNet:

  1. Go to the Assessment Admin Create & Monitor tab and click on the View & Score Responses option.




     2. Find the correct assessment and choose Score.




     3. Once you are on the Score Assessment page, click on the Upload File tab.




     4. Click on the Choose File button. Then, select the file that needs to be uploaded from your computer and upload the file.




     5. The file from ALL In Learning will already be in the correct format. Choose the blue Upload button. Once the file is uploaded, it will appear like the image below. 



     6. Do not leave the page until you've received the message saying, "The results have been successfully uploaded. Responses for [your number of] students were imported successfully." This will ensure that the file was successfully uploaded!




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