Steps for Dallas ISD Teachers to Grade Common Assessments


1. Log into your ALL In Learning account.

If you have never set up your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to, and click “Sign Up” on the upper right.
  2. Enter your school email address and click "Next."
  3. Fill in the form and click “Create my account.”
  4. Check your email for your validation email, and click the link in the email to validate your account.

2. Install the Chrome Extension and Plugin

  1. Log into your account in Google Chrome.
  2. On the Home tab click "Use ALL In response 'On the Fly.'" If you need to install or update, you will see a prompt. If you don't get a prompt to install the plugin, skip this section.
  3. Follow all instructions to install both the Chrome extension and the ALL In Learning browser plugin. be sure to close and restart your browser(s) afterward. 
  4. Then, restart all of your web browsers and your extension and plugin should be ready to go!

3. Print Bubble Sheets

  1. Go to the Classes tab and select your class on the left.
  2. Click the checkbox just above your student list to select all students and click “Print Bubble Sheets.”
  3. Choose the sheet type that is over the number of questions on your test and that has enough answer choices (MC5).
  4. Print your bubble sheets. 


4. Grade Bubble Sheets, and Rubrics or Short Answers

  1. Plug in your USB camera, log into your account, and go to the Lessons / Assessments tab.
  2. Click the "Activate" menu next to the assessment you wish to grade and choose “Scan Bubble Sheet.”
  3. Click the class you wish to grade. You should see the video feed. If you don't, or if it’s the wrong camera, try changing the camera to the correct one in the "Switch Camera" menu, or click the “Scanning Help” link to troubleshoot.
  4. Once you can see your camera feed, position a bubble sheet flat, so that the rectangle is completely in view, and it should scan automatically. You'll see your student scored on the left. 
  5. If any questions were unanswered or unreadable, you'll see the student name in red. Click the hand icon by their name to click in any corrections, then click “Close” to return to scanning mode.
  6. If you have a rubric or short answer questions to grade, you can grade them now by clicking the hand icon next to each student's name. Click "Done" to move on to scanning the next student.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for the remainder of your students.
  8. Click “End Session” when you are finished grading.  
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