Import ALL In Learning grades to Skyward


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1. Log in to ALL in Learning and click on the Reports tab.

2. For the report you need to import into Skyward, hover over the Actions button then click on Export

3. The export will be formatted in a CSV file. Open the file (check your downloads folder).

4. To import into Skyward, the file must have the following format: Last Name, First Name, ID, Score. If it does not, contact ALL In Learning to request we change your export format to match your Skyward gradebook.

5. Log in to your Skyward account.

6. Select the class that you want to import the scores into.

7. Add an Assignment, then save (the name of the assignment doesn't need to match the ALL In Learning assignment name).

8. Hover over the Assignment Tab and Select Import Assignment Scores.

9. Select the Assignment where you would like to import the scores (only assignments with no scores will show).

10. Click Choose File

11. Select the file that was exported from ALL In Learning.

12. Then click Import Scores.

13. Select Use Imported Scores and then Save.


Need to import using a different gradebook? Click here for more options!

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