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Just drag and drop. That's how easy it is to add your class data to the standards-based Progress Tracker, where you can immediately see each student's trajectory toward mastery and any gaps in standards coverage!

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Frequently Asked Questions



The Progress Tracker allows you to follow students' understanding of a standard throughout several assessments. You'll see the standards along the top and then scores over time for any questions tied to that standard on the assessments you added.

For example, in the image below, look at the section for standard "MA.5.1.A." Below it, you can see details of 3 different assessments that had some questions on this standard - only those questions are being counted here. (Data from questions tied to other standards is under the corresponding standard.)

Now, look at the first student in the list (name blurred out). They got 60% correct on the test called "Math Test - 1st" - 3 out of 5 of the questions that covered MA.5.1.A. Over the next 2 tests, as time goes on, their scores improve.  




Add a Report to the Progress Tracker

1. In the Reports tab under Sessions, you'll see your individual sessions listed. The dots on the right of each one are "handles" for you to drag and drop them onto the Progress Tracker bar on the right. Do that now. 


Note: You don't have to drop a report on a specific Progress Tracker. We'll add it to the right one based on the class and the body of standards.

2. You’ll see a confirmation. If everything looks ok, click “Create Tracker.” 


Note: Your report must have standards. If it doesn't, you will be asked to Edit Key & Standards and add them then re-add the report the tracker.


The Progress Tracker column will show all of your Progress Trackers with the class and standard information and the number of sessions you've added to it. Click one to view it!




Can I delete a specific report from the Progress Tracker?

Yes. Open a Progress Tracker and then, for the report you would like to delete, click the red [X] next to the name. This will remove the report from the entire Progress Tracker (not just from the standard section the X is under).


Can I combine two progress trackers, to see how all my classes are doing?

No. The Progress Tracker shows progress on a specific standard body for a specific class.  Combining classes or standard bodies into one Tracker is not supported at this time. For a report that shows students across all of your classes on a given assessment, check out our Aggregate tab under Reports > Session. Check here for more information on all our report options!


What if my assessment has two different standards?

If an assessments has standards from multiple standard chapters (for example, an exam covering both Algebra and Geometry), you will be asked what you want to do with each of the standard chapters when you drag the assessment onto the Progress Tracker bar:


If you'd like to create a tracker for both, choose one option first, then click and drag again, and choose the other option.

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