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The Progress Tracker automatically collates the data from any assessment you include to show the scores under each standard covered, giving a chronological view of every student's progress on each standard as you include more assessments in the tracker.  


Trackers are based on the class and the standards body. If you have 5 classes using the same body of standards, you'll have 5 different trackers. If you had 5 classes, each using 2 different standards bodies, you'd have 10 trackers.

Pro Tip: The best way to use the tracker is to engage students several times per week (for example, with clickers on the fly), so that you can quickly spot stagnant or downward-trending students and intervene while concepts are fresh. Many teachers have seen record student growth with this easy routine.


To Add Assessments to the Progress Tracker

1. There are 4 easy ways to add assessments to the Progress Tracker:

  • When you click End Session to end an assessment or engagement activity, you'll see a prompt letting you easily add the session to the tracker right away.

  • Or, go to Reports > Sessions, click the "6 dots" icon on the right side of your session, and drag and drop it to the left side of the screen.


  • Or, go to Reports > Sessions > Actions > Add to Progress Tracker.

  • Or, go to Reports > Sessions > Actions > Edit Key & Standards. When you make your changes and click Save, you'll be prompted to add the session to the tracker.  

2. When you add an assessment, you’ll see a confirmation dialog. If everything looks ok, click “Create Tracker” or "Add to Tracker" and your session will be added to the tracker for the class and body of standards.

If your session is missing standards, you'll be prompted to add them using "Edit Key & Standards." Click the link to open Edit Key & Standards (for detailed instructions on using Edit Key & Standards,  see this artilce.) After you click "Save" in the Edit Key & Standards screen, you'll see a prompt to add the session to the tracker automatically.


View Your Progress Trackers

Go to Reports > Progress Trackers and click the class name for the tracker you want to see. 


Delete a Session from a Progress Tracker

Go to Reports > Progress Trackers, click the class name for the tracker you want to see, then for the report you would like to delete, click the red [X] next to the name. This will remove the report from the entire Progress Tracker (not just from the standard section the X is under).



Can I combine two progress trackers, to see how all my classes are doing?

No. The Progress Tracker shows progress on a specific standard body for a specific class.  Combining classes or standard bodies into one Tracker is not supported at this time. For a report that shows students across all of your classes on a given assessment, check out our Aggregate tab under Reports > Sessions. Check here for more information on all our report options!


What if my assessment has two different standards?

If an assessments has standards from multiple standard chapters (for example, an exam covering both Algebra and Geometry), you will be asked what you want to do with each of the standard chapters when you drag the assessment onto the Progress Tracker bar:


If you'd like to create a tracker for both, choose one option first, then click and drag again, and choose the other option.


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