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We have received a few requests from teachers and administrators to print an answer key.

At this point, ALL In Learning does not have a print answer key one-click option, though we do have a way you can print your key, so please read below.

We also want to remind you that any of your assessments can be shared with any of your team members or other teachers. When you share an assessment, the answer key is automatically shared with the rest of the assessment. The answer key does not need to be printed when you share an assessment, and a teacher that you shared your assessment with can automatically begin scanning bubble sheets! Look here for more information on sharing assessments.

Administrators are also able to see detailed reports on how students did in their teachers' classes. They can see the break down of each individual question, how many students answered each option on each question, and more! All without printing an answer key. Here's a break down of administrator reports!

If you would like to print an answer key anyway, here's one way you can do it:

  1. Activate the assessment for one of your classes and go ahead and grade the assessment.
  2. On your Reports tab, for the report for the assessment you grade, hover over the Actions button and click on Edit Key & Standards.
  3. The Edit Key & Standards page will show you the answer key for that assessment. From here, you can take a screenshot and print out the answer key.

Almost all our new features come from teacher requests. If you are wishing you could print out an answer key, can you please contact us and let us know that you would like to see this feature and why you need to print an answer key.

You can contact us by clicking on the "Submit a Request" button at the bottom of this article, or by emailing us at

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