Set Passing Level in the Lesson Performance Report


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The Lesson Performance Report includes an option to Set Passing Level directly under cut scores


Some teachers and administrators are confused by what we call Comprehension and Percent at or above 70% (the default is set at 70%, but you can change this by adjusting the Set Passing Level at the top of the report).

Comprehension is the average grade. Grades are given between scores of 0 - 100.

Percent at or above is not a grade, but what percentage of students scored at or above the grade.

These two scores provide the best possible view on how your students are doing on a particular test. While a grade alone can give you a good understanding of your students' mastery, the percent at or above fills in the gap completely.

An Example

For example, if a teacher had a class of five students and their grades were a 60, 69, 65, 99, and 100, then the average for the class would be a 78.6%.

The teacher, looking at this comprehension score, might consider this an adequate enough score to move on to the next subject, believing that the students all have a basic understanding of the material.

However, now looking at the Percent at or above 70%, the teacher can see that only 40% of the students scored at or above 70 and that the comprehension score is weighted because of two high-scoring students.

With this information, the teacher might decide that the majority of the students don't have a good grasp of the material and that a review might be necessary.

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