What is "Clever?"


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Clever is a company that offers a service whereby certain information from popular Student Information System software can be automatically synced with other systems. ALL In Learning partners with Clever to offer fantastic convenience and time savings by allowing the automatic creation and maintenance of accounts, students, and class rosters.

Clever is an option at a district level for ALL In Learning users. For more information on getting a Clever connection set up with ALL In Learning, contact us.  

What can be auto-synced with ALL In Learning using Clever?

  • Teacher accounts can be created and updated
  • Campus student populations can be created and updated, including demographic information
  • Teacher's class rosters can be created and updated

What can't be auto-synced automatically with ALL In Learning using Clever?

  • Grades and gradebook data
  • Reports and session data
  • Lessons and assessments

For more information on Clever, visit clever.com.

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