Browsers Supported by ALL in Learning (Mac and Windows)


Not all browsers are equal when it comes to sophisticated browser-based software like ALL In Learning. Some don't support the use of hardware like cameras or clickers and others are just too slow. We alert users when we detect these unsupported browsers, so they don't run into worse problems by proceeding.

See the list below for supported browsers for Windows and Mac.

Note: This list will change occasionally as browsers change or update their capabilities.

Note for Teachers in Duval County FL and Gwinnett County GA: You may need to ask your admin or IT staff for assistance to install a needed browser, due to special IT policies. 

Windows Users

Recommended Browser:

  • Google Chrome - Chrome is possibly the most advanced, stable, and fastest browser available, and it has excellent support for external hardware used with ALL In Learning, like cameras and Clickers. 

Unsupported Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox - On March 7, 2017, Firefox ended support of plugins which would allow activating assessments, grading, or using clickers. 
  • Microsoft Edge - Newest versiona of Microsoft Edge may be used for some ALL In Learning features but not all. (Must first enable Settings > Extensions > Allow extensions from other stores.)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - This browser is just too outdated and slow now, has trouble displaying many modern websites, has known security weaknesses, and is no longer supported by Microsoft Corporation. 
  • Safari - Safari for Windows is no longer offered by Apple and the older versions are not supported by ALL In Learning.  
  • Opera - While it has a dedicated following, this browser does not currently work with cameras and clicker hardware and is not supported.

Mac Users

Recommended Browser:

  • Google Chrome - As of the mid-2016 release of the superior "Chrome Extension" technology, which makes previous NPAPI plugin technology for Mac obsolete, Chrome is the only browser ALL In Learning supports.  

Unsupported Browsers

  • Safari     
  • Firefox  
  • Opera 


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