Export Scores into Teacher Access Center (TAC)


Note: You must have Student IDs for each student in your roster in order for this import to work.

In ALL In Learning:

Go to the Reports tab, click Sessions, and next to your report's name, click Actions > Export > CSV.


Note: The exported file should be formatted automatically to match TAC's import type (two columns: StudentID and Score). If this process doesn't work for you, check your exported file. If it doesn't match, please have an admin request that we set your district to the TAC export type! 


Then, in the Teacher Access Center:

1. Create a new assignment.


2. Click the  button under your assessment title and choose Import Scores From File.


4. Choose Browse and find the CSV file that you just exported from ALL In Learning.

(Note: If the exported file's filename is too long, you may need to shorten it before it will import correctly.)

5. Set the other settings in the window like this:

  • File Format: CSV
  • Student ID Column Number: 1
  • Score Column Number: 2
  • Check File has Header Row
  • Click Import


Your grades will appear in the assignment column to the hundredths place.




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