What does the QR code do on bubble sheets and Engage & Learn ID sheets?


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ALL In Learning uses QR codes on bubble sheets and other features for convenience to users and for a little added security. Students don't have to bubble in their name or ID on a grid, slowing down what should be quick daily assessments, and creating an opportunity for mistakes.  And, our sheets can be dropped under a doc cam for super-quick scanning, without a teacher having to manually designate which student is which, in between scans.


  1. The QR code contains a number designating the sheet type. We have an array of different bubble sheets and you can choose the one that best fits your exam. If our software can identify which of those types of sheets you've chosen, it can optimize the algorithm being used to scan it more quickly (it knows exactly where the bubbles are, etc.). 

  2. The QR code contains a unique database ID for the student. Bubble sheets are not test-specific. They can be used over and over for different tests (if you laminate or use sheet protectors and use wet-erase markers). But, they are student-specific. Each one belongs to a certain student. Every student in ALL In Learning has a hidden unique database ID. This is not the same as their school's Student ID - it's created only in the depths of ALL In Learning's database and is only relevant within ALL In Learning's software.
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