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This article discusses issues related to when an answer key won’t save, when the key is stuck on “saving…” or when you created an answer key, closed out the editing software, but then the slides were all blank with no questions written.

This is a rare problem and one that we believe is related to internet connectivity issues. Does your school or home have intermittent and spotty internet connection? The following recommendations will help you save your assessment and avoid the frustration from an un-saved answer key!


Saving Issues Described

Teachers have described this problem to us in several different ways.

First, a teacher will create a Custom Lesson or Quick Key, fill out the slides, questions, correct answers, and standards, then click back to go the Lessons / Assessment tab.

Only later, when they are ready to view the assessment again, or when they are ready to activate the assessment for grading, do they discover the slides are blank and there are no questions.

Another scenario has been that the saving indicator is stuck on “saving…” and won’t complete the save. Even though you can add slides and questions, the program appears frozen on “saving…”


Finally, teachers have described to us building four questions, adjusting the slides, saving, and then building more questions, only to discover later that the second group of questions didn’t save while the first did.

All these issues are descriptions of the same problem: internet connectivity. The next sections will describe how this affects the assessment editing program, what to watch out for, and recommendations.


Saving in the Slide Editor Program

Whether you build a Quick Key or a Custom Lesson, there are a few issues to be mindful of.

1. Please note the saving indicator, highlighted in yellow on the far right of the screen. This indicator should toggle back and forth between actively “saving…” to “Last Saved: [Time].”

This is the best way to know that your work is being saved. If the indicator gets stuck on “saving…”, then the internet connection has been broken. Immediately stop any additional changes. Try hitting the save icon on the far left toolbar, and then hit the refresh button on your browser. Check your internet connection to ensure proper connectivity.

2. The best way to ensure saving is to save often, and you can manually save by clicking the save icon on the toolbar, on the far left. This should manually activate the save indicator. Ensure that it changes from “saving...” to “Last Saved: [Time].”


3. Please note that when your Quick Key modal is open, the saving indictor will not change, and that’s ok! When you are entering an answer key, you have a temporary window open (the Quick Key modal), and the answers will be saved when you click the “Save Assessment” or “Save and Grade.”

If your school has internet connectivity issues, or you are worried about creating several questions and having them not save, read below for recommendations on how to save while creating a key.

4. If you see a message when you try to return to your Lesson / Assessment tab telling you that your changes haven’t been successfully saved, don’t leave the page! Click to Stay on Page and attempt to save again.



Recommendations for Successful Saving

To ensure that your assessments are saved properly the first time, follow these recommendations when creating an assessment.

1. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If you are in a school that has had intermittent internet connections in the past, you might try to physically connect to the internet using your Ethernet cable when creating assessments.

2. Do not leave the editing screen until the assessment is saved, and do not ignore the “not saved” message. Make sure before attempting to leave the editing screen that your assessment is fully saved by checking that the save indicator has changed from “saving…” to “Last Saved.”

If you see a message when you try to return to your Lessons / Assessment tab that states not all changes have been saved, please click to “Stay on Page.”

After clicking to stay on page, try hitting the save icon on the far left on the toolbar and waiting until all the slides have been written and the assessment is done saving.

3. Remember to click the save icon. Our program will continuously save your work automatically, but it can’t hurt to manually save!


4. If you are worried about saving when using the Quick Key modal to save an answer key, hit Save Assessment, ensure that the assessment saves, and then re-open. This isn’t necessary for everyone, but if you know your school has intermittent internet connections, or you have had saving issues in the past, it’s always a good idea when creating large answer keys to save early and save often.

To do so, click on the Save Assessment button after entering a few answers. This will close the Quick Key modal, and the sides for your questions and answer will write on the left-hand side of the screen, similar to PowerPoint.

Click the save icon, or ensure that the automatic saving has gone from “Saving…” to “Last Saved.”

Now that your work is saved, scroll down and click the last side on the list. Once that slide is highlighted, click on Insert, and then on “Questions using Quick Key.”

This will re-open the Quick Key modal, and you can start on your new group of questions! Always remember to click on the last slide, or your new group of questions will be inserted from the top instead of the bottom.

5. Check to make sure your ALL In Learning address is listed as a secure connection. When creating a lesson in ALL In Learning, your address bar at the top should have a green-highlighted padlock with ALL In Learning, Inc, after it.

If you don’t see this, it can cause several issues, including saving problems. This is usually due to a school’s security feature, and you should contact your school’s IT department for further information.

6. Do not leave a question stem blank when editing slides.

A newly discovered issue that we are working on fixing has to do with erasing the Question from a slide and leaving it blank. If the question is blank and the program tries to auto-save or you click the save icon, the saving will stop and not work. Again, the Saving Indicator will stay on "Saving...", never changing to "Last Saved."

If you see this happen, hit the refresh button to reset the question and to proceed with editing the assessment.


Still Won’t Save?

If you have followed all the above recommendations and suggestions, and you still have issues with saving, please contact ALL In Learning Tech Support with the following information:

How are you connected to the internet?

What kind of computer are you using (Mac or Windows)?

What version is your computer? (Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.)?

What browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)?

Are you able to save any questions, or just some? Did you see any error message, or did the saving indicator freeze? The more detail you can provide, the better!

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