Assessment Key or Lesson Not Saving


This problem can manifest in different ways:

  1. When viewing or activating an assessment, you discover the slides are blank and/or there are no questions.
  2. You see the "saving..." indicator stuck or frozen and it won’t complete, even though you can keep adding things and editing.

  3. Your work may be saved initially but then saving freezes and new work is not saved.

Common causes:

  1. Internet connectivity problems
  2. Outdated or corrupted data in your browser's cache


Things to Try:

A. Watch the "saving..." indicator (it should change to "Last Saved").
B. Manually save.
C. Don't leave the screen until it's done saving, and don't ignore the warning.
D. Save while creating a Quick Key.

E. Ensure a stable internet connection.
F. Clear your browser's cache.
G. Confirm that your connection is secure.
H. Don't leave a question stem blank.


A. Watch the "saving..." indicator (it should change to "Last Saved")

The automatic "saving..." indicator, highlighted in yellow on the far right of the screen, should regularly toggle back and forth between “saving…” and “Last Saved: [Time].”




If it gets stuck on “saving…”, immediately stop any additional changes and attempt to resolve the problem.


B. Manually save.

Manually save by clicking the "Save" icon on the far left. We do save your work automatically, but it doesn't hurt to manually click Save early and often! Ensure the "saving...” indicator changes to “Last Saved: [Time].”



C. Don't leave the screen until it's done saving, and don't ignore warnings.

Make sure before attempting to leave the editing screen that your assessment is saved and the save indicator goes from “saving…” to “Last Saved.”

If you see a message when you try to return to your Lessons / Assessment tab that states not all changes have been saved, click to “Stay on Page” and resolve the problem.

After clicking Stay on this Page, try hitting the save icon on the far left on the toolbar and waiting until all the slides have been written and the assessment is done saving.



D. Save while creating a Quick Key.

Changes made in the Quick Key window are not saved automatically. When you finish entering your key, you will need to click “Save Assessment” or “Save and Grade.”

If you are worried about your work not saving, you can click Save Assessment at any time to save manually. Ensure that the save indicator on the right goes from “Saving…” to “Last Saved.”

The Quick Key modal will be closed, but you can reopen it and keep adding questions. To do so, scroll down and click the last side on the left to highlight it, then click Insert > “Questions using Quick Key.”



E. Ensure a stable internet connection.
If you are in a school that has had intermittent internet connections in the past, you might try to physically connect to the internet using your Ethernet cable when creating assessments. If you see the problem when you are at school but not when working at home (especially on the same computer, like a laptop), this may be evidence that the connection at your school is problematic.



F. Clear your browser's cache.

This recommendation is quick and can resolve freezing due to bad cache information, but if you keep seeing the problem recur, your internet connectivity is potentially the real cause.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Click the icon farthest on the upper right in Chrome - it may be 3 lines or a circle with an icon in it like an arrow or an exclamation point (indicating Chrome needs to be updated or fixed). 
  3. You should see a menu dropdown. Select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.
  4. At the top, choose "All time" as your time range.
  5. Next to "Cached images and files," check the box.
  6. Click "Clear data."



G. Confirm that your connection is secure.

The address in your address bar at the top should be "https," and not "http."

If you don’t see this, it can cause several issues, including saving problems. This is usually due to a school’s security feature, and you should contact your school’s IT department for further information.


H. Don't leave a question stem blank.

If you erase the text from a slide's question stem and do not enter anything, it can cause a saving problem. The Saving Indicator will stay on "Saving...", never changing to "Last Saved." If you see this happen, hit the refresh button to reset the question and to proceed with editing the assessment.




Still Won’t Save?

If you have followed all the above recommendations and suggestions, and you still have issues with saving, please contact ALL In Learning Tech Support with the following information:

How are you connected to the internet?

What kind of computer are you using (Mac or Windows)?

What version is your operating system? (Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.)?

Are you able to save any questions or just some? Did you see any error message, or did the saving indicator freeze? The more detail you can provide, the better.

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