Import ALL In Learning Grades into TEAMS Gradebook


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1. Use All in Learning to assess your students. (Exit Tickets, Tests, Quizzes, etc.)

2. Go to REPORTS and then ACTIONS and then click "Export."

3. Save the file to your DESKTOP.

4. Open the file. Make sure the averages are whole numbers (example 64, not 64.2).

5. Open TEAMS Gradebook.

6. Create a new assignment.

7. Press IMPORT.

8. Make sure the boxes are the following:

  • File Delimiter: Comma
  • Text Qualifier: None
  • Student ID column Number: 1
  • Grade Column number: 4
  • Header Row: Yes

9. Choose File from your desktop. 

9. Press IMPORT and SAVE.


Need to import using a different gradebook? Click here for more options!

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