Attach Files to Lessons/Assesssments


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Files of various types can be attached to a lesson or assessment so that where the lesson goes, the relevant content is there with it. For example, you may quickly create an assessment key for bubble sheet scanning and attach a Word document of the test questions so that anyone you share the assessment with will be able to open it in Word and print the questions out. You may also attach instructional materials that go with the lesson/assessment, such as a PDF worksheet, cut-out template, or other instructional assets that relate to the lesson in ALL In Learning.

How to Attach Files to Lessons/Assessments

1. In the Lessons/Assessments tab, find the lesson or assessment you wish to attach a file to and click Actions>Attachments.


 2. Click "Choose File," navigate to the file on your computer you wish to attach, select it, and click Open.

 3. Select "Upload File." When it is finished uploading, you will see it in the list of attached files. You can add more, or click the delete icon next to any files you wish to delete from the list. 



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