Message Saying that Lessons / Assessments Cannot be Deleted


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If you attempt to delete Lessons or Assessments that cannot be deleted, you may see a message saying they cannot be deleted, like this:


Here are explanations for the reasons given:

  • Active Session(s) 
    If a lesson has unfinished paused sessions, waiting to be resumed and finished, you will not be able to delete it. In the Lessons/Assessments tab, you should see a little red circle and a number on the lesson name, indicating there are unfinished sessions. To finish them, click Activate, select your grading method of choice (except for clickers), choose the roster that is indicated as having an unfinished session, complete your grading, and click "End Session" to end the session properly.

  • Shared with others
    If a lesson is shared with other users, you can modify its settings in the "Shared Assessments" utility and set an end date that will end the sharing of the assessment.

  • Shared with you
    If an assessment was distributed directly to you by your PLC leader or an admin, it will appear highlighted yellow in the Lessons/Assessments tab, and you will not be able to delete it. The person who shared it will be able to end it in their "Shared Assessments" utility. 


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