Add or Move a Teacher or Admin Account to Your Campus


Note: The "Add" feature is for campuses managing their teachers manually. If your campus is auto-syncing with Clever or Aware, the teacher will need to be added or moved in your SIS and the next time the systems sync, the change will be reflected in ALL In Learning automatically.

When a campus is first set up with ALL In Learning, the primary Admin is sent a "teacher welcome email," which they can forward to teachers.


That's the easiest way to get teachers into ALL In Learning. However, if a teacher already has an account at another campus, or if you don't have the teacher welcome email, you'll need to "Add" them one at a time from within your admin account.

Use the "Add" Feature to Add Teachers or Move Them from Another Campus

As a campus admin, you can add new accounts as well as move accounts to your campus from others in your district using the "Add" feature in your Administration tab.

Here are the steps to use the "Add" feature:

  1. Log into your ALL In Learning campus admin account.

  2. Click on the Administration tab.

  3. Select the Teachers & Admins sub-tab

  4. Next, click on the Add button

  5. Enter the school email address of the teacher or admin you wish to add to your school.  

  6. The teachers or admins will receive an email telling them what to do next. If they do not have an account that email will include the steps for them to set it up. If they have an account at another school, the email will ask them to approve of being moved to your campus. 

  7. If they are an admin or a team leader, there's one extra step: Here on the same screen (the Administration tab), change their role in the "User Type" column to be a Team Leader or Admin.


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